at the 1955 frankfurt motor show, porsche revealed the first edition of the 356 carrera which would ignite a long-running tradition of prestige in performance cars. outfitted with a unique engine that was designed especially for racing in 1952 by future chairman dr. ernst fuhrmann, the 1956 porsche 356A carrera GS would be ‘destined for competition.’

bonhams porsche dean jeffries
the car won over thirty first place trophies at car shows in southern california during late 1950’s and early 1960’s
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modifications to the classic porsche flat-four pushrod engine included a twin ignition, two twin-throat carburetors, and dry-sump lubrication. importantly, the implementation of dual-overhead camshafts turned the car into a ‘precision and reliability’ machine, and acts as a baseplate for the iconic 547/1 engine. only 225 of these coupes were produced during the initial phase of production, making it one of rarest porsches on the road.

bonhams porsche dean jeffries
jeffries removed the bumpers, extended the nose, added frenched headlights, handmade taillights, and roof vents

this particular carrera — a unique piece of american motoring history — will be up for on auction courtesy of bonhams next monththis porsche was first modified and painted by one of the legendary figures of american automotive culture, dean jeffries. however around 1962 it was then sold to albert nussbaum, a notorious bank robber that was on the FBI’s ten most wanted list.

bonhams porsche dean jeffries
the rear scoop with custom grille are custom built by jeffries as well
bonhams porsche dean jeffries
history of the car that is said to have inspired the entire outlaw porsche movement

bonhams porsche dean jeffries
a pioneer of new painting techniques, jefferies used pearlescent silver and aircraft clear as a topcoat for the carbonhams porsche dean jeffries
the carrera was featured in many of the magazines, including the cover of the october 1959 rod & custom

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jul 27, 2018