A home that is passed own generations is much more than just a place to live in and a property that everyone can enjoy. It is a setting for memories that transcend time and a place that everyone cherishes ever as years pass by. It is a refuge that you can turn to when everything else seems to be against you; it is something that we all crave for! Having served many generations for the last 300 years, the Higashimatsuyama House in Japan was in need of a smart renovation that preserved its timeless appeal while accentuating its best features. Accomplishing this, Kohei Kudo & Associates transformed its exterior while making most of the greenery all around it.

Covered outdoor terrace with a roof that feels like an extension of the house

The new house draws you in with a series of flowing roofs that also extend into the courtyard and provide a sheltered outdoor zone. Apart from the striking roofs, one also sees a series of gardens meander through the structure of the house, giving it a relaxing natural appeal. Glass walls, walkways and corridors further blur the line between the exterior and the living areas inside with every space feeling like an extension of the previous room. The new multi-purpose terrace, sunroom and fabulous lighting complete a setting that pays a perfect tribute to the past while inviting modernity indoors! [Photography: Kai Nakamura – Shinkenchikusha]

Living area of the Higashimatsuyama House in Japan
New interior of the revamped house is filled with ample natural light
New sitting area feels like a natural extension of the house
Restoration of 300 year old Japanese house sees bright new interiors
Walkways and gardens connect different areas of the house

In the end, we found this feeling that you cannot tell the boundary of the existing and new extension parts. Things that existed before, newly brought in, everything is placed in parallel, and rich nature spreads behind them. The toughness of the living of the client, which seems like it would overcome the inconvenience life so far, mixed with the generous environment then moderate looseness appeared. Despite all the different structures, it became “one house” like they are holding hands with each other.

Covered walkways and multiple gardens add to the timeless appeal of the house
Glass walls ensure that the outdoors are always a part of the interior
Gorgeous renovated home in Japan with multiple gardens
Lighting enhances the visual appeal of the wavy roof form

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