grupo boreal presents its casa elisa, sited among the mountainous area of san clemente, south west of cordoba, argentina. the design team worked closely with its client in the design of the dwelling, captured by gonzalo viramonte. the site was chosen due to its perch atop the highest point on the plot, which consists of seven hectares of forested mountain ranges, outlined by a stream.

grupo boreal casa elisa
images by gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte

with its casa elisa, grupo boreal offers the occupant beautiful views across the mountains, giving priority to the main rooms of the house. the design team orients the dwelling with a U-shaped plan, with an entrance that opens to the north this strategy invites natural sunlight during the winter months and while maintaining shade during the summer through a gallery clad with colonial clay tiles. the entire house occupies a single level and has access to an elevated terrace through an exterior staircase. this distinctively mediterranean style expresses influence from the architectural language of ibiza, with white walls, a textural plaster finish, and rounded edges. a solar energy system of photovoltaic panels generates clean electricity while a solar hot water tank works to heat the dwelling’s water supply.

grupo boreal casa elisa


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