in an exploration of the most pressing topics related to the contemporary urban context, the norman foster foundation (NFF) presents its masterclass series ‘on cities.’ the series of thirty-minute-long masterclasses includes appearances by twenty leading experts in the fields of architecture, urbanism, economics and mobility, and supports the foundation’s extensive educational program by promoting an exchange of knowledge across a range of geographic and disciplinary perspectives.

norman foster cities masterclass
images courtesy of the norman foster foundation

the norman foster foundation‘s ‘on cities’ masterclass rounds up a comprehensive investigation into the advantages and disadvantages of the typical city. the foundation notes that while these contexts undoubtedly offer significant advantages in the realm of education, health care and social services, urbanization is widely regarded as one of the fundamental challenges for public health, social equity and environmental sustainability. across the world, some instances of urbanization have made cities more spatially fragmented, less environmentally responsive, and more socially divided.

norman foster cities masterclass

addressing these challenges brought on by urbanism, speakers will explore solutions with the didactic video series. solutions involve urban leadership, urban form and equity, urban informality, urban food systems, urban sustainability, urban materiality, urban mobility, working and well-being, urban economics and city behavior. as the inaugural series of the norman foster foundation’s digital initiatives to come, the ‘on cities’ masterclass series will be soon followed by the release of the ‘on archives’ masterclass series. this next series will explore the topic of architectural archives and libraries around the world, and will include a ‘future cities’ conversation series, a virtual dialogue series in which norman foster will reflect on the future of cities alongside ten leading voices and visionaries.

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