czech studio RO_aR architects designs its yoga garden and art gallery brno in search of a space that is at once natural and abstract. the design team worked to avoid faux industrial tropes or cliché ‘exotic’ spiritual motifs. instead, the architects keep in mind the false preconceptions by which the practice of yoga has come to be defined within a european context. rather than decorating the interior with stereotypical ornaments, the team curates an expansive space full of light, in close contact with nature, and expressive of its renovated structure and materials.

RO_aR yoga
images by boysplaynice

RO_AR architects‘ yoga studio and art gallery brno occupies an historic post-industrial structure standing as the severed fragment of a former whole. while certain traces of the pre-existing building were visible, others were hidden and others still entirely forgotten. all of these traces were interesting, and could have become the initial point of departure of the project. however, the design team decided on a different manner of radical intervention, ‘without fear, but with respect for the old.’ the resulting space was not intentionally determined in advance, but was the result of a series of unique decisions.

RO_aR yoga

RO_aR architects selectively demolishes the existing structure where it obstructed the planned yoga and gallery space. fragments were removed to create new gardens, while pillars were taken out to enlarge the interior. when the existing was in accordance with the team’s visions, it was incorporated it into the project. old skylights were renovated, structural elements and timber materials were carefully cleaned. many elements celebrate the memory of the place by expressing traces of wear and tear. 
the process was an open dialogue in which the new dares to be new, while the old dares to be old.

RO_aR yoga RO_aR yoga RO_aR yoga RO_aR yoga RO_aR architects renovates czech heritage building into yoga studio and gallery space