Timeless aesthetics and intuitive design extract purity through consideration and the guiding hand of pragmatics.

Through a two-phase design intervention, CJH Studio has realised House Fin’s double-storey layout through a gentle fusion of existing and new, resulting in an enduring haven that yields to the evolving needs of a young family. The design team edited down the original collection of rooms to achieve spatial clarity and functionality, while an appreciation for intuitive usability has resulted in larger rooms, a study and a gracious master suite carved from two bedrooms.

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The materials, joinery, fixtures and fittings work cohesively to temper ornate design accents throughout, many of which are from Linear Standard, a range of architectural fixtures, fittings and products curated by CJH Studio’s director Cassie James-Herrick. The studio sourced furniture, lighting and artwork from an antipodean collection of global creatives, lending a worldly sophistication through pieces that perfectly conform to the spatial and sensorial qualities of the home.

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In a world dominated by countless decisions and the collective dissonance in overwhelming choice, there is a growing pull towards the longevity that CJH Studio have imbued in House Fin. The result is quiet, clean spaces that are bathed in the purity of light and texture.

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