the faceted timber box

dubbed ‘cassiopeia,’ a treehouse by portugal-based madeiguincho seeks to touch the ground lightly. while the architecture and woodworking studio ensures that its work is both durable and environmentally sustainable, this contemporary perch aims to disappear into its surroundings, proving its low-impact. at its core, the timber project embraces its role as a playground for children with multiple routes that includes a fireman’s pole, a slide, a swing, a zip-line, a net bed, monkey bars, and a sculptural climbing wall with legs that grows up from the garden below.

madeiguincho cassiopeia treehouse

images by madeiguincho

cassiopeia treehouse: a carpenter’s cabin

the team at madeiguincho designs and builds its cassiopeia treehouse with meticulous attention to detail. the project highlights the studio’s combined heritage of both architecture and carpentry. 
the roots, or foundations, of the tiny structure are the concealed metal ground screws that give support to the so-called ‘legs and arms’ or the columns and beams. above, the interior frame ‘skeleton’ receives the skin built with CLT panels. these wall and roof elements are finished in a black tone that is then clad in a horizontal slatted wood system. the rhythmic grain of the timber slats follows along the faceted geometry of the treehouse, enhancing its form.

gonçalo madeira marrote, founder of madeiguincho comments: 

’cassiopeia is a tree house dream that born in a garden without a tree; a shelter for adults to disconnect from virtual world; a multi-level playground for kids; a privileged place to watch the complexity of the universe through the telescope lens.’

madeiguincho cassiopeia treehousemadeiguincho cassiopeia treehousemadeiguincho cassiopeia treehousemadeiguincho perches it's cassiopeia treehouse atop a set of timber stilts