‘PH7800’ gives a multiseasonal inspiration for its inhabitants

located in the coastal province of cesme, turkey, ‘PH7800’ was conceived as a living space for an art collector and their family, seeking to amplify the presence of the exterior within the interior. the project designed by MAS architecture studio, takes shape as a two-story house organized around a series of porous, open-plan living spaces, exterior terraces, and a central atrium in an attempt to blur the boundaries between inside and outside and to give a multiseasonal inspiration for its inhabitants. a spiraling semicircular staircase is the central point of the house, rising up the atrium to the roof terrace, allowing one to experience the void directly while ascending toward the skylight.

situated on the top two floors of an existing residential structure facing the windy seaside panorama of ilica beach to the north and the sunny, lush aegean hillside landscape to the south, the house acts as a canvas that provides a diversity of living spaces, views, and atmospheres that fluctuate along with the circadian and seasonal cycles of its natural surroundings. meanwhile, the interior is conceived as an extension of the exterior, with fully operable sliding doors allowing cooling breezes into the house on warm summer days.central spiral staircase rises up the atrium within residential project in turkeyall images courtesy of egemen karakaya

the central atrium provides various tones and qualities of light  

‘PH7800’ by MAS architecture studio (see more here) is characterized by simple volumetric gestures that curate one’s experience with specific architectural elements and views while moving through the spaces. upon entering the house, the residents or visitors face a central atrium, an eight-meter-high volume framed by arcades on either side of the lower floor and a large roof skylight above. standing in the heart of the atrium provides a simultaneous experience of the different tonalities and qualities of light from the panoramic northern sea-front, the warm southern hillscape and clear blue tones of the aegean sky.

on the lower level, the north living space features an open-plan layout with comfortable seating elements, display walls on either side and a fully glazed façade with sliding doors opening up to the panoramic terrace facing the sea. the spiral stair leading to the upper floor is located at the rear side of the living space, inviting the viewer to face out before moving up into the hall surrounding the atrium. central spiral staircase rises up the atrium within residential project in turkey

a winding semicircular staircase rises up to the roof terrace

in contrast, the south living space, defined by a warmer light and southern exposure, is conceptualized as a more intimate area with an open kitchen, breakfast counter and a comfortable seating area facing a fireplace and media wall. surrounded by the exterior terrace on two sides, this area serves as a living space to enjoy on late summer morning or afternoons, as well as on cooler winter days when southern exposure is desirable for warmth. the southern terrace features outdoor dining and a shaded lounge area.

on the upper level, four bedrooms with individual bathrooms and a laundry area can be accessed via the hallway wrapping around the central atrium. the hallway takes shape as an interstitial space with a series of openings looking into the atrium and out to the exterior, creating a depth of experience that animates the void through space and time. a winding semicircular stair into the atrium connects the upper floor to the roof terrace, enabling inhabitants to experience the void with the window opening towards the sky.central spiral staircase rises up the atrium within residential project in turkey

by opting for a neutral, restrained palette, the project seeks to perform as a spatial kaleidoscope that invites the changing aura of the outdoors to the interior. light grey polyurethane floors and whitewashed walls emphasize spatial continuity and enhance the experience of natural light, and atmosphere within. 

central spiral staircase rises up the atrium within residential project in turkey
hayat / atrium

central spiral staircase rises up the atrium within residential project in turkey
atrium stair