french designer patrick norguet has unveiled his latest collaboration with natuzzi italia. under the circle of harmony — live the transition 2021 collection, he is presenting the poly collection, a set of multipurpose pieces intended for both relaxation and working, responding to the need for home office spaces even in small apartments. 

‘priorities have changed, the younger generations in particular want products that exude energy and symbolize a lifestyle,’ norguet said. ‘domestic settings are increasingly multifunctional: even smaller homes require working spaces that are suited to this function. the division of our homes is increasingly fluid and with this collection I wanted to propose a way of harmoniously connecting our spaces.’

during a recent trip to puglia, italy, designboom met with patrick norguet who discussed the importance of designing transversal products that are able to meet different needs for our new reality.

patrick norguet reconciles living + work spaces in new collection for natuzzi italia


designed to respond to the increasing need to reconcile our living spaces with our work commitments, patrick norguet unveils the poly collection. comprised of a table-desk, a chair, and a set of acoustic dividers, the products are inspired by the mediterraean’s functionality and versatility, where a few simple furnishings are traditionally required to meet different needs. the designer has also unveiled the ema, the main bed of the collection.

patrick norguet reconciles living + work spaces in new collection for natuzzi italia


dubbed inu, the table/desk features a large surface with comfortable dimensions made from fenix — a high-performance material with self-regenerating surfaces in the event of scratches. a hidden raceway designed for electrical cables adds another layer of functionality.

the nanà chair features a completely upholstered and padded one-piece seat that can be paired with four different bases. this ensures an aesthetic continuity of spaces while allowing it to perform different functions. from a wheeled base to a stool bar one, the chair embodies the natuzzi italia mission of combining design, function, colors and materials to create harmonious products.

patrick norguet reconciles living + work spaces in new collection for natuzzi italia

two modular soundproof dividers called node complete the collection and reinterpret the way we experience domestic spaces. the acoustic dividers enable users to divide spaces and perform different activities with the necessary privacy. the panels, which can be used individually or connected using L-shaped brackets, are upholstered on both sides and have two fitted shelves.

the last product to join the collection is a bed called ema. featuring archetypal forms that exude visual comfort, the bed meets the requirements of contemporary living and is available in four dimensions to cater to all types of spaces. the bed frame features a padded leather or fabric headboard that underlines its softness. upholstered also at the back, the bed can be position in the center of the room.

patrick norguet reconciles living + work spaces in new collection for natuzzi italia


DESIGNBOOM (DB): how did you meet with pasquale jr, and what was your impression of the new natuzzi?

PATRICK NORGUET (PN): I met PJ some years ago in milano. but last year, he approached me and put on the table the idea of collaborating. I agreed. he first sent me the brief and his idea of natuzzi’s evolution, and from there we forged not only this collection but a great relationship.

patrick norguet reconciles living + work spaces in new collection for natuzzi italia

DB: yours is the first complete home office collection for natuzzi, and it includes a desk, a modular screen, and a set of chairs. could you walk us through these projects?

PN: the project is overall, transversal. my idea was to propose a project with a new philosophy on the transversality of products. what has happened in the past couple of years educated this idea. I’m not proposing anything new — a chair, a table, and a bed. what is new is their concrete idea of having them be liquid and be able to fulfill not just one, but different purposes for an ever-changing world. it’s interesting to think about the market and its evolution.