From Exchanges between Generations to Fostering Diversity: 5 Emerging Practices in Europe

Five emerging architecture studio profiles from Slovenia, France, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom have been chosen by New Generations, a European platform that analyses the most innovative emerging practices at the European level, providing a new space for the exchange of knowledge and confrontation, theory, and production. Since 2013, New Generations has involved more than 300 practices in a diverse program of cultural activities, such as festivals, exhibitions, open calls, video-interviews, workshops, and experimental formats.

New Generations launches a fresh new media platform, offering a unique space where emerging architects can meet, exchange ideas, get inspired, and collaborate. Recent projects, job opportunities, insights, news, and profiles will be published every day. The section ‘profiles’ provides a space to those who would like to join the network of emerging practices, and present themselves to the wide community of studios involved in the cultural agenda developed by New Generations.

Archdaily and New Generations join forces! Every month Archdaily will publish a selection of studio profiles chosen from the platform of New Generations.

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Mcmullan Studio | London, UK

Towards true diversity

Happy Valley, Austria - Mcmullan Studio. Image © Brick Visuals
Happy Valley, Austria – Mcmullan Studio. Image © Brick Visuals

Mcmullan Studio believes design is optimistic. Based in London, their team creates architecture of all types and scales with empathy at the heart of their approach. Founded in 2018 by Andrew Mcmullan, the studio constantly brings together eclectic ideas and thoughtful pragmatism to create beautiful, buildable projects for progressive clients.

Collectif Etc | Strasbourg, FR

An assortment of tools

Bombita - Collectif Etc. Image © Collectif Etc.
Bombita – Collectif Etc. Image © Collectif Etc.

Founded in Strasbourg city in 2009, Collectif Etc was formed freshly out of architecture school, aiming to gather desires toward civic dynamics of public space’s issues. Using different resources and skills, Collectif Etc wishes to offer various support for experimentation in architecture and urban design. Collectif Etc is a non-profit organisation, now based in Marseille, France, since 2014.

Ruiz-Pardo Nebreda | Madrid, ES

Understanding the architect’s leverage

Founded in 2011 by Marcelo Ruiz Pardo and Sonia Nebreda, RUIZ PARDO – NEBREDA is a Madrid-based architecture and engineering practice that operates internationally from a multi-local approach, attending to an appropriate balance between local knowledge and global expertise, as a multidisciplinary team that provides fully integrated architectural and engineering services.

Arhitektura – Office for Urbanism and Architecture | Ljubljana, SI

An interplay of generations

House for ceramic artis - Arhitektura. Image © MIRAN KAMBIČ
House for ceramic artis – Arhitektura. Image © MIRAN KAMBIČ

Arhitektura – Office for Urbanism and Architecture is an international company, where the experience and ideas of two generations converge in a common cultural motive: making good architecture; one that is both rational and poetic. From their vibrant space in Ljubljana, Peter Gabrijelčič, Boštjan Gabrijelčič and Aleš Gabrijelčič have dedicated themselves to enrich spatial life in the fields of architecture, urbanism and design since 1997.

Campomarzio | Trento, IT

A variety of creative fields

House PB - Campomarzio. Image © Davide Perbellini
House PB – Campomarzio. Image © Davide Perbellini

Founded in 2012 Campomarzio is run by five partners: Pietro V. Ambrosini, Michele Andreatta, Alessandro Busana, Daniele Cappelletti and Enrico Lunelli. The collective counts on the collaboration with the philosopher and sociologist Teresa Pedretti. The plurality of its founders and the different international academic and professional experiences allow Campomarzio to develop a careful and meticulous design and research activity, with the aim to combine innovation and history.

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