hello wood NODS TO children’s treehouses in latest cabin design 

after the futuristic workstation and the minimalist kabinka, hello wood’s newest cabin, the wauhaus, elevates users above the ground with the help of its long legs. set on a steep hillside on top of hungary‘s zala county hills, the 20 sqm cabin rests on stilts of different lengths. the tiny, playful construction, which, according to the budapest-based studio takes its cues from children’s treehouses, may function as both a guest house and a remote workstation, according to its users’ needs. 

‘treehouses, design cabins, forest huts, glampings – the long-lasting popularity of exciting accommodations is not surprising; many of us want to leave behind the noise of the city from time to time and get closer to nature. modern treehouses – which take the children’s tree platforms to a whole new level – provide this experience,’ notes hello wood. ‘we can retreat in a canopy-level house or a cabin with legs to watch the wildlife of the quiet forest, listen to the rustle of leaves or immerse ourselves in the view unfolding before us.’

hello wood elevates wauhaus cabin on legs of different lengths in hungary

all images and video by máté lakos

the wauhaus rises above the ground IN HUNGARY

hello wood has designed the wauhaus for those that want to rise above the earth and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. framing views of the idyllic surroundings, the tiny cabin rests comfortably on the steep slope thanks to its legs of different lengths. the legs, as well as the beams that support the entire structure, are attached to the ground via a group of triple screws. the cabin’s exterior is covered in graphite grey larch planking, while the entire dwelling features a playful design that nods to the treehouse typology in a contemporary manner. the entrance, which is located on the side of the house, is accessed via a narrow bridge that becomes wider in front of the door to double as an outdoor terrace. inside, the minimalist, 20 sqm cabin is covered in natural birch plywood, which is also used on the kitchen furniture and the doors that lead to the bathroom. hello wood elevates wauhaus cabin on legs of different lengths in hungaryhello wood elevates wauhaus cabin on legs of different lengths in hungary