paperhome: the serene retreat in a bustling city

indonesia-based studio âaksen responsible aarchitecture unveils its ‘paperhome,’ a compact dwelling designed to adapt to a post-pandemic world. located in the touristic dago suburb, of bandung city, the multi-use home is designed and built in response to the limited residential space in the city despite it being the fourth most populated in the country. the project is nestled among the tightly-packed urban fabric, filling a northern-facing 6×10 meter (20×33 foot) lot. because of its bustling surroundings, the main challenge of the project is the realization of a serene, quiet, and private space.

paperhome âaksen responsible aarchitectureimage © KIE | @kiearch

âaksen responsible aarchitecture’s post-pandemic world

during the design of its paperhome, the team at âaksen responsible aarchitecture acknowledges that life is spent primarily at home in this post-pandemic world. the complexity of number of occupants and house functions emerge to the point that demands multi-functionality. merging work and personal living becomes an undeniably necessity, where a compact house offers a more productive lifestyle.

the project blurs the line between rest, work, and leisure. paperhome defines a fusion of relaxed home where occupants feel at ease in switching their behavior and emotion towards those distinctive activities. paperhome is a canvas designated as a family house for gathering and a retail gallery for casual business and explorative space.

paperhome âaksen responsible aarchitecture
image © KIE


âaksen responsible architecture ensures that its paperhome exists in harmony with the limited lot and its dense context. one of the team’s main approaches is a so-called ‘unattachment’ to the site boundaries, allowing the inside space a circulated air flow, natural lighting throughout the day, fire prevention, and reduction of outside noise. the team notes that optimizing the building performance itself starts with the organization of the interior spaces.

the architects explain: ‘in a compact house, utilities flow is essential to be short and efficient. thus, the service and bathroom area for all floors area located at the west side of the house, connect directly to the public gutter next door. metal cladding with insulation at the northern part of the house aims to decrease the noise from the surrounding.

the ambiance of interior area is dominated by white to reflect more natural light, glass blocks that act as a wall of light, and compact built-in furniture to maximize every corner. in a compact house, element of void transcends a limited space into a bigger one by connecting each floors with abundant natural lights and circulating air flow to reduce heat and humidity.

paperhome âaksen responsible aarchitecture
image © KIE paperhome âaksen responsible aarchitecture
image © KIE