A family home on the Mornington Peninsula stands as a rare opportunity to reset and recharge in nature.

“Pool party revelry, tranquil tubs soaks, intimate family dinners and evenings spent with friends”; Melbourne-based interior design studio Sally Caroline founder and director Sally Knibbs paints Lilac Linen as if it were a small slice of heaven and, well, she’s not far off. The client, a young entrepreneur and new mum, wanted a home where she and her family could unwind after a busy day and reconnect with each other and nature. Sally Caroline have measured up to this wish with a choir of dusky colours, honest materials and beautiful objects, all singing together in perfect harmony.

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Clean space, clear mind; a butler’s pantry and intuitive storage keep mess at bay in the kitchen.

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In keeping with a brief of “clean, contemporary relevance”, the whole of Lilac Linen had to undergo a dramatic transformation. The home’s original brick façade has been superseded by a crisp white render and elegant steel-framed windows and doors, adopting the same tune as its tranquil surroundings. Sally Caroline have applied the same philosophy to the interiors, translating the client’s love of calming neutrals and soft pastels into sequestered spaces of rest and reconnection. Sally says it’s a lesson in balance; between playfulness and timelessness, simplicity and artistry, tempo and quietude, and function and beauty.

Each space is a chance to feel replenished by rituals. The kitchen inspires culinary creativity; the dining space beckons dinner party guests; the bedrooms promote a long night’s rest; the bathrooms call for an over-time soak; the living spaces incite meaningful conversation. Elements of the client’s personality are instilled in these moments, from sheepskin bar stools, bespoke wine draws, blush-pink stone and gold-painted handles. 

Our homes and everything they hold are a snapshot of who we are – designing them is a ritual in itself. Sally Caroline have understood this and delivered a home that perfectly expresses the young family that lives there, supporting them through the ups and the downs.

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The living space is designed to entertain; a recessed bar area clad in blush-pink Signorino stone elegantly stores bottles of wine and cocktail glasses; lighting and furnishings (Oluce Pascal lamp; custom suede pink armchairs; Coco Republic Atelier sofa) add a sense of softness, while glass side tables (Fountain 01 and 02; Glas Italia Shimmer) add a sense of grandeur.

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Custom bed and bedside table by Sally Caroline; Rostrato wall sconces by Fabio Ltd.

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The master dressing room is a capsule of the client – of her love of travelling, collecting and shopping. “It has the atmosphere of a showroom,” Sally says; “both functional and beautiful”.

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Artwork by Manon Steyaert

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