Explore Australian-made armchairs, dining tables and sofas by Melbourne-based furniture design studio Didier.

Melbourne-based furniture designer Ross Didier, founder of his namesake studio, has been instrumental in leading the return to quality Australian furniture design and production. The designer’s eye for innovation and creativity has fuelled a home-grown design story centred around people and authenticity over the past 21 years. Last year, we had the pleasure of hearing this story first-hand in a one-on-one interview with Ross. “I love the concept of emotion over logic, so it is hugely important for my design process to create quality furniture that makes people feel good,” he told us. 

With a growing collection of Australian-made furniture across 11 different categories, Didier have cemented themselves as a key player in the furniture design scene, both onshore and offshore. We’re shining a spotlight on a selection of standout armchairs, dining tables and sofas that underpin the Didier story.

Produced in partnership with Didier

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