Spread over two generous levels, the bold form features open glazing in select areas, allowing for natural light to enter at numerous points. Comprised of a specialised render, concrete, natural stone and glass, the form is intended to endure for many years to come. In planning for the future, the home is formed from a mostly monochromatic and muted palette to ensure its continued relevance over time.

Built by Concept Build, Brighton Residence is established as its own anchored form on site. The landscape, designed by Plume, then takes on a resilience, featuring a similar order to the formal composition of the home with natural and sculptural selections. A considers approach ensures the greenery softens the surrounds and supports the presence of the residence. Around the inground pool, the connected living, dining and kitchen spaces then spill out into the rear landscape as an extension of the home, whilst the more passive spaces remain tucked away.