Across the site, a feeling of calm and disconnection is created through planning that directs an inward feel, which brings in light from multiple directions to soften the crisp and linear formal elements of the home. Partly inspired by a Tuscan permanence, masonry symbolises a strength of form, whilst framed openings encourage connections beyond the outer edges of the residence. An emphasis on simplicity ensures a continued relevance over time, with a future-focused receptivity integrated throughout.

Despite the contained palette, there are subtleties in texture and finish that interact with the incoming light and give a richness to the home. Responding to the surrounding scale, existing forms, and the way in which the owners want to live, enabling an ease of flow between inside and out drove the process. Lightwells and garden atriums allow the overall form to breathe, allowing for a more natural connection to the element whilst maintaining a rectilinear containment.