Transforming an existing heritage terrace in inner Sydney, Dawes Point House is given a new sense of purpose, reflecting the current residents through colour and tonal expression. Greg Natale brings both patterns and a layered curation of elements to animate the home across its multiple levels whilst ensuring the original connection to craft and grandeur carries over into the refreshed form.

Combining a love for restraint and a minimalist, linear approach from the owner, together with a signature exploration of colour and pattern, Greg Natale draws from the personalities of those dwelling within to create the ultimate reflection of personality through place. Home to a family of four, the structure sees a series of feminine subtleties folded into the original proportions of the form, together with softened geometric and transitional elements throughout, creating an internal journey in the process. Spread over four levels, the original terrace home was virtually gutted to create a blank canvas for the new form, maintaining the original lofted ceilings yet reworking the planning to reflect a more contemporary way of living.