Engaged to reinvent the interior experience of a national retailer, Rebecca brought in professional researchers from The Growth Activists to conduct deep research into how to meet customer needs. “We uncovered significant customer insights around health and wellbeing,” Rebecca says, “and this largely shaped the store design strategy across material selections, colour palette and merchandising.” Selecting materials that promote health and wellbeing whilst also creating a feeling of escapism, Rebecca specified EGGER’s range of laminates in Apricot Nude and White Chromix, which “fit our new retail strategy and palette perfectly,” Rebecca says. The brief outlined the requirement of environmental, social and corporate governance, and Rebecca and X+O “responded to this through responsible specification of materials and by incorporating refill stations to reduce packaging in store,” Rebecca explains.

Whilst the clients requested a set of sustainability outcomes, Rebecca also aimed to meet her own requirements. “When specifying products, we look for materials that may have been produced through ethical practices,” Rebecca explains, “and do not pose a threat to human health and wellbeing.” Rebecca was confident that the EGGER laminates met the sustainability requirements of the brief after a consultation with ForestOne representative Annette Fanna, who also helped to source the materials in a specific shade of pink for the design. “Because we required a very durable material in a heavy traffic retail environment, we needed something that would last and not require replacement,” she reflects.