Unveiled over a number of months, each colour was granted its own moment to shine, captivating the design landscape from late 2022. Now fully revealed, as of April 2023, all nine new felt colours are available to adorn interiors with their beauty and acoustic functionality. Comprised of pastels, neutrals and bolder primaries, the assortment beautifully complements Acoufelt’s existing range and yields a profile of diverse colours that serve a wealth of sectors and design visions. From wall to ceiling applications, every colour is offered across all the brand’s interior acoustic collections – wall panels, shapes, tiles, ceiling panels, ceiling baffles, clouds and more.

Acoufelt’s FilaSorb felt is manufactured with masterful accuracy and particular precision towards the expression of pigment. Informed by decades of technical textile knowledge and experience, the company undergoes a rigorous, multi-stage process of research, ideation, sampling and fabrication to assuredly perfect each hue. Positioned as a brand fronting the market, Acoufelt assembles an expert team of textile designers, creatives and interior designers to assess colour trends and forecast their seasonal predictions. Looking to a broad scope of influences as inspiration, the team analyses up-and-coming palettes across fashion, art and homewares whilst simultaneously observing the competitive landscape to originate fresh and unique tones – exclusive to Acoufelt. Once approved, shades are then specially formulated using a precise blend of yarns. This scrupulous process, which can often involve up to a dozen iterations of each sample, will ensure only the most perfectly blended colours are released to the market.