The Grove sees the complete redefining of the site in its entirety. The newly conceived landscape design continues the light and contemporary formality of the addition and the interior outward. Inspired by the soft arches of the original structure, the new work spreads over two levels and forms its own bold statement to the rear on the upper level. The ground floor remains open and connected, seeing a new shared living, dining and kitchen space take centre stage and be surrounded by moveable glazing that allows for a flow between inside and out. Welcoming natural light into the new spaces both reduces energy use and optimises the orientation of the site.

As the owners are keen socialisers, the home needed to open and close when hosting. Whilst the natural separation between the new and original forms provides for passive areas of retreat, the openness of the added volume draws movement toward the rear. With the kitchen and living space as the newly defined heart of the home, all other elements pivot around this point. Whilst the addition is concealed from the street, its impact on the quality of the lived experience is vast, integrating more flexibility for the growing family to accommodate anticipated changes.