VU4B house by TDA® follows a cognitive compositional process

Multidisciplinary design practice TDA® constructs VU4B house, a brick-built residence located in Luque, Paraguay. The project progresses following the design principles of Mies van der Rohe understanding constructive clarity based on discipline. The design reflects the well-known architect’s quotes on architecture as an expression of civilization, its comparison to language, and its definition through the mastering of grammar leading to poetic or logical executions (Mies, directed by Michael Blackwood, 1986). ‘In this contemporary time when saturation and speed attenuate attention, we assume the role of non-protagonist architecture’, states the design team. The structure forms minimal geometric volumes as a consequence of a cognitive compositional process that focuses on the apprehension of the surrounding environment and available resources.

VU4B house composes minimal geometric brick-built volumes in paraguay
brick facade detail | all images by Leonardo Méndez

notions of volume, emptiness, air, and light define the design

The project strengthens the idea of progress and architectural exploration as a discipline of creation. The creative studio establishes a ‘single conversation, the hopeful improvement of human habitation within the planet, through the reasonable use of resources and aiming at the constant exercise of learning together, as partners, in society’. The residential unit aims to interact with its environment proceeding with rigorous analysis to ‘the decision that communicates with maximum clarity an idea, be it a stone, a word or a living space’. The architecture refines the relationship between the built form and the user. Attending to the natural shade, light, and landscape, the design handles those recognizable limitations as structural guidelines. The small house develops a cross-plan layout and is defined by the notions of volume and emptiness, air, light, and distinct brick materiality.

VU4B house composes minimal geometric brick-built volumes in paraguay
the design handles the recognizable limitations of the surrounding landscape as structural guidelines

VU4B house composes minimal geometric brick-built volumes in paraguay
the layout allows for several open patios and courtyards