Back in 2012, Dan Mazzarini launched BHDM Design, and since has added ARCHIVE by Dan Mazzarini as a “blogazine” extension of the brand. As Principal and Creative Director, he tells stories through built environments, hotels, restaurants, startups, corporate interiors, single and multi-family homes, and far more. Dan and his team use a “hospitality-forward” approach to projects, creating compelling, unique narratives with elements of surprise and delight throughout the user experience.

“I remember sneaking into the Hudson Hotel, designed by Philippe Starck, a few months after it opened. I was an underaged midwestern kid on a college weekend in NYC – and definitely looked it. I remember taking the escalator up to the lobby, walking through the sexy, moody hallway to the library bar and entering a bustling scene. I ordered a Merlot (can you imagine?!) and stood back and watched… all of it happening. At that moment I realized the importance that design could have on a space, and set my sights on creating spaces that people wanted to be a part of,” Dan said of the moment he knew design was the road he was meant to travel.

light-skinned man poses in front of a large shelving unit filled with homewares

Dan Mazzarini Photo: Adam Macchia

Throughout his career, Dan has worked in historic spaces like Grand Central Terminal and the Harvard Club of New York, and helped to create new concepts for Google, One Medical, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Target. He’s also worked with heritage brands such as Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, and Calvin Klein, and has aided in defining new brands like Tend, Real, and Casper.

He’s put in all the work, but there are others who have been instrumental in helping Dan arrive at where he is today. “My parents both supported my creative talent and taught me the importance of ambition and hard work. They both worked full time jobs, and taught me the value of rolling up your sleeves and putting your heart into what you do everyday,” he shared.

“My first bosses, Robin Kramer and Philip Rosenzweig, trusted me with far more responsibility than my experience deserved. They taught me the ins and outs of retail, how to build brands, and how to treat people with kindness,” Dan said. “Robin taught me so much about how I speak about and sell our work. They were the best and most formative people I could have started my career with, and I’m still grateful.”

Last, but not least, “Brian Humphrey, with whom I started BHDM. Brian and I have a 20-year friendship, and I am forever honored to work beside him. He is the most creative and visionary person I’ve worked with – while I can sketch, sell, and do a lot of talking with my hands, he is the superlative at quietly conjuring up images of spaces that are unique, inspired, and beautiful. He’s the best, and I love working with him.”

Now, Dan is bringing his designs, ideas, tips, and favorite essentials directly to you with the launch of ARCHIVE by Dan Mazzarini, a “blogazine” providing a curated selection of home and lifestyle products, all shopped from his favorite resources. Through ARCHIVE, he’s able to educate, encourage, and inspire a broader network of consumers who want to incorporate luxury to their everyday living.

Today, Dan Mazzarini joins us for Friday Five!

1. Nancy Meyers Everything

A goddess at her game, I’ve been watching and daydreaming about Nancy Meyers movies for 25 years. She seems to not only capture relatable emotion, but paints the most pitch-perfect settings in all her movies. If I had it to do all over again, I’d love to work with her in Hollywood. Wouldn’t that be the best?

opulent styled bedroom decorated in golds and reds

Photos courtesy Hotel Costes

2. Hotel Costes, Paris

I have such fond memories of this space. The Jacques Garcia designed portion was the first hotel I stayed at in Paris (thank you, Ralph Lauren…) and since, I’ve brought so many people that I love to visit. It’s moody and sumptuous, lavish and seductive – so foreign from anything in the States. It feels like it’s been there for a hundred years. Oh – and the candles have become a signature scent, I buy them by the case.

home furnishings store with black abstract art, a long black bench, and black and white tablewares

Photo: Dan Mazzarini

3. March, San Francisco

Scatter my ashes at March. While I’ve yet to meet Sam Hamilton, the store’s founder and creative guru, I’m indebted to her vision. NorCal indoor/outdoor meets the peak of chic in the carefully curated finds she brings to her store. Custom splatterware, bespoke flatware, and other tabletop are all seasonally complemented with unique finds and art. And set against a black and white and neutral backdrop? Ooooolala!

styled interior dining space with a table and chairs and large piece of wall art

Photo: Adam Macchia

4. Michael McGuire’s Art

I met Michael when I was working at Ralph Lauren. He creates beautiful, architectural-feeling line art that I use in our work all the time. It seems to fit in all settings and to top it off, he’s just the sweetest guy.

light-skinned man poses next to a desk

Photo: Reid Rolls

5. Stan Smiths

I know, I know – everyone wears them now, but I can’t give up my Stan Smiths. I have multiple pairs of a vintage red and white polka dot version by Pharrell (which I have stockpiled from eBay.) They’re comfy and classic, and yes, I wear them with a suit.

Work by Dan Mazzarini + BHDM:

styled interior space with wood walls, a stone fireplace, a white L-shaped sofa, and a coffee table

Modern Catskills A-Frame When a young NYC-based couple purchased this treasured Catskills A-Frame, they entrusted BHDM to breathe fresh life into the 1970s home. The two-bedroom retreat, complete with a loft office that functions as additional sleeping quarters, yields contemporary elements while protecting the charm of the original home. Nestled into the snowy Belleayre mountain, the A-Frame is tailored to complement and capture its surrounding landscape. Designed by architect Ikuyo Tagawa nearly 50 years ago, 27 skylight windows are built into the steep-pitched roof to capture glimpses of vibrant foliage and snowy peaks. Newly installed metal and glass framing hone those sight lines without compromising visual and acoustic privacy. The home’s sound bones were left intact, including its distinctive windows and original end-grain floors, allowing BHDM to embrace its quirks with complementary modern additions. As the home was constructed to blend into the landscape, much of the furniture throughout quietly complements the home’s surrounding nature. Photo: Tim Williams

styled home office with dark walls, shelving, and a wood desk

East Hampton Residence For this space, our goal was to create a chic space where our client could work remotely – something we’ve of course seen more and more of over the past few years. To do this, we incorporated dark, textured walls that contrast with the brightness of the rest of the house. Sculptural light above adds interest and modernity, while a textured jute rug anchors the office and softens the overall aesthetic. Photo: Adam Macchia

cozy styled interior living space with armchairs, a coffee table, and fireplace

Hyatt Regency SoMa in San Francisco BHDM envisioned the reimagination of the hotel through an art-centric lens, utilizing a defined palette of textures and motifs while seeking inspiration from its location in the heart of San Francisco’s Art District. Throughout the public spaces, as well as the guest rooms, the notion of an architectural ‘grid’ is a leitmotif, represented in applications from terrazzo floors to ceiling treatments, fabrics, and carpets. Rope and weaving, ceramics and sculpture, painting and sketching, and more are influences found throughout. As art is a defining brand pillar for the hotel, it was important that BHDM incorporated the work of local artists in its design. In forming a partnership with The Academy of Art University of San Francisco, they were able to secure original custom art by local students and alumni. Photo: Reid Rolls

Kelly Beall is Director of Branded Content at Design Milk. The Pittsburgh-based writer and designer has had a deep love of art and design for as long as she can remember, from Fashion Plates to MoMA and far beyond. When not searching out the visual arts, she’s likely sharing her favorite finds with others. Kelly can also be found tracking down new music, teaching herself to play the ukulele, or on the couch with her three pets – Bebe, Rainey, and Remy. Find her @designcrush on social.

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