Casa Elisa is a minimalist home located in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Felipe Hess Arquitetos. The home’s design follows an L-shape layout, providing a private, inward-facing front and an open rear that extends into a spacious garden. This garden features a naturalistic swimming pool and lush tropical flora. Constructed with brick and coated in light gray limewash paint, the house is topped with a flat, white slab that spans its entire perimeter. This slab acts as a shield for the extensive windows beneath, offering protection from the direct sunlight. An additional intermediate slab adds dimension to the building’s profile, integrating a balcony along the shorter leg of the L.

The ground floor contrasts light stone flooring with dark wood accents, establishing a visually striking foundation. The first floor, which follows the longer section of the L, accommodates the children’s bedrooms. Meanwhile, the master bedroom occupies the shorter section. A central patio featuring an internal garden divides these two wings, enhancing the home’s sense of space and privacy. Located at the rear of the property, a pavilion serves as the entertainment hub, complete with a sauna, barbecue area, and a room outfitted with a climbing wall, offering a recreational escape within the confines of the home.

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