Surrounding the Courtyard is a minimalist home located in Okazaki, Japan, designed by Studio Velocity. Historical records of the property reveal that the original house, built in the 1960s, had undergone three renovations. This long-standing tradition of refurbishing and adding spaces led to a unique amalgamation of architectural styles from different eras. The recent addition was designed with meticulous attention to detail. Three distinct structures – a theater room, dining area, and living space – were erected on the western side of the property. The strategic placement ensured minimal shadows cast within the compound while maintaining scenic views and openness.

As one progresses from the main ancestral home towards the newer structures, there’s a deliberate increase in height and floor count. This triad of structures not only complements the asymmetrical shape of the original home but also allows for the creation of small garden spaces between them. Among these spaces, the ground floor boasts an untouched citrus tree, the second floor a balcony overlooking the courtyard and tree, while the third offers a more elevated view surpassing surrounding buildings. All the structures, including the original home, the grandmother’s section, and a car park, surround a vast central courtyard.

This “inner garden” becomes the heart of the property, serving as a communal space where multiple generations can interact and share experiences. The design philosophy resonates with the Japanese art of kintsugi – where broken pottery is mended with lacquer mixed with powdered gold or silver. This method not only repairs the item but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. Much like kintsugi, the central courtyard is envisioned to not just connect the architectural ensemble but to also bind numerous generations together. As time unfolds, this space may adapt to its residents, symbolizing the timeless lacquer that bridges generations.

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