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Jorge Garibay Arquitectos

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Casa Gómez is a minimalist residence located in Queretaro, Mexico, designed by Jorge Garibay Arquitectos. Casa Gómez is a residential project tailored to meet the needs of a modest-sized family. Its design doesn’t cater to any unconventional spatial demands but instead pursues a straightforward architectural approach. In the client-architect dialogue that paved the way for this endeavor, a couple of distinct themes surfaced, guiding the project’s direction: simplicity and the notion of impermanence embodied through form. These became the guiding principles shaping the project’s eventual outcome. The process of design was an exercise in structuring form, maneuvering through techniques of displacement and fragmentation. The architects aimed to institute a rhythm, a pattern of elements adhering to a harmonious form and aesthetic standard. This approach was not dictated by stringent theoretical frameworks but was rather an instinctual process, a method intended to encapsulate and genuinely communicate the initially identified values of simplicity and impermanence.

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