Devon Road is a minimalist house located in Amagansett, New York, with architecture designed by Starling Architecture and interiors by Emily Lindberg Design. The exterior’s design employs gendai shou shugi ban, a charred wood cladding technique, delivering an austere aesthetic that counterpoints the wild exterior. In contrast, the interior of the home introduces a warm touch through exposed glue-laminated Douglas Fir timber structures, accentuated by the use of White Oak for flooring, millwork, and paneling. The house is an embodiment of communal living, designed to foster gatherings and entertainment. The house’s plan positions a centrally-located pool as its heart, elevated on a deck that is the nucleus of the communal areas. These spaces, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, are all deliberately oriented towards the pool. Notably, a double-height living room graces the west of the pool while the dining room to the north boasts a large sliding door that neatly tucks into a wall cavity, fostering an unimpeded flow between the interior and exterior. To the east, the den houses a library and workspace. The overall design encourages an ongoing interaction with the outdoor setting. Stepping into the world of interiors, Emily Lindberg Design was commissioned to ensure the interior complements the minimalist design of the architecture. Furnishings were chosen to instill a relaxed ambience, ideal for a weekend retreat, while custom pieces such as the kitchen island and dining area introduce playful angles and curves. The design continues the architectural palette while adding a touch of whimsy with a mixture of vintage, organic, and handmade elements alongside modern pieces to cultivate visual interest and a sense of hominess. The spatial arrangement emphasizes the scenic views, both of the house and the courtyard. Dining seats are designed to comfortably accommodate a single diner or a crowd, all offering a view of the central pool. A distinct wall piece by Cassie McGettigan echoes the local flora, extending the indoor-outdoor conversation.

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