Situated in the of the Swedish countryside, the Höghult House designed by FABEL Arkitektur, presents a compelling demonstration of how architecture and nature can coexist harmoniously. Positioned atop a steep slope, the house acts as a connection between traditional and modern design approaches. The Höghult House, which consists of two independent portions, combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge architectural ideas. While one section uses horizontal timber constructions to house practical amenities like a sauna and a bedroom, the other section uses an open timber structure to house social areas and outdoor areas. This balanced integration of practicality and aesthetics reflects the core vision of the estate.

Constructed entirely from wood, the Höghult House is a commitment to sustainable architecture. It’s construction avoids the use of nails and screws, drawing inspiration from traditional techniques. Tadelakt, a weatherproof lime stone-plaster surface, is added, creating a distinctive contrast to the wooden components. This architecture naturally blends in with its surroundings nature, serving as a notable example of outstanding architectural execution. It builds a link between the past and the present with its understated charm and skilled craftsmanship.  

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