House K is a reconstructed residence, designed by Bangkok Tokyo Architecture, located in an old residential area of Bangkok. The client decided to rebuild their family home due to changes in their family structure and the deterioration of the existing house. The new design promotes involvement and engagement while attempting to create an environment that blends naturally with its surroundings. It features a three-story concrete grid frame that was extended outward and modified to shape the overall structure. The house incorporates fragmented spaces that coexist while being interconnected, offering distinct functions for each floor and shared areas such as approaches, corridors, and balconies.The construction method used in House K, laying bricks between a reinforced concrete grid frame, is commonly seen in the surrounding context. The design exposes and underlines this often hidden inner framework, revealing the domestic world and its origins. It encourages connectivity with the outside world, enabling direct contact with the city and the outdoors. Future adaptations and expansions are also taken into account, offering room for further development.
House K can be seen as an architectural manifestation of the ongoing act of habitation itself. It involves integrating new possibilities into the design and iteratively modifying and altering it to achieve a balanced state. The house exemplifies a harmonious blend of form and function, embracing the changing needs of the family while respecting the architectural context of the neighborhood.

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