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César Béjar Studio, Fernando Sánchez Zepeda

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House Los Tigres is a minimalist residence located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, designed by César Béjar Studio in collaboration with Fernando Sánchez Zepeda. To the far left, a subtly placed passageway offers entrance to the home; adjacent, a bench invites one to rest and contemplate. The entrance itself is an inconspicuous door. Within the confines of the home, the initial area is designed for social gatherings. This space deftly manages to shut out the world beyond, focusing instead on an inward-facing vista that opens towards a central patio. It’s here that the residence seeks to curate a private, internally-focused perspective. The home’s four external faces exhibit a gradation in design language, evolving from a restrained, traditional frontage towards the street, to a more explorative, unrestricted approach at the rear of the house. This progression mirrors a transition from stereotomy to tectonics. The floor plan divides the home into two functional sections. The front hosts the aforementioned social area, enhanced by a sloped ceiling that creates a sense of spaciousness. The rear accommodates a multifunctional space housing both rooms and a terrace. An impressive permeability characterizes the ground level, blurring the boundary between the indoors and the outdoors. This home isn’t merely a shelter; it’s an expansive terrace nestled amidst patios and gardens. The rear section exhibits an architectural simplicity, consisting primarily of columns and slabs that adapt depending on their context and intended use. Balconies extend from cylindrical columns, fostering an accommodating spatial experience. Protective features—cartouches—are integrated into the south facade to shield from harsh sunlight, whereas the terrace remains unencumbered to encourage openness.

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