Stepped Wall House is a minimalist home located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Proctor & Shaw. Departing from the standard London side extension, the design adapts to the land’s topographical nuances through a skillfully conceived mono-pitched roof that terminates at a series of staggered walls of varying heights. These walls, in turn, serve to demarcate distinct areas for dining, lounging, and work within the home. Structurally, the building is a blend of traditional and modern materials that reflect both durability and aesthetic refinement. Its exterior features buff brick walls, while whitewashed timber beams offer a sense of openness. Inside, the home embraces minimalism without compromising on comfort or functionality. A solid concrete floor and steps establish a foundation of simplicity, accompanied by natural Clayworks plaster on the walls. Oak veneered joinery and green kitchen cabinetry adorned with terrazzo worktops complete the interior palette, uniting the space in a harmonious balance between form and function.

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