It’s natural to covet homes with magnificent architecture. And I certainly spend copious amounts of time dreaming about living in a property with period features and exposed wood beams. But really, it’s the furniture and accessories – and the way you display them, that make a property feel like a home. In fact, a few simple tricks can help to elevate your home  – and lift your spirits in an instant! 
This Swedish maisonette in a former bakery is a fine example of this. Vintage tables, chairs, and lamps provide the core of a warm and relaxed living space, while collections of art, LPs, books, plants and throws complete the personal look and feel. 
Keep a look out for the use of ‘blank space’ which gives the rooms an airy look and help to focus the eye on smaller vignettes – and the many other smart ways to display your possessions which would work equally well in a rental space! 

Since the upper floor is on street level, the owners have put up strategically placed film to prevent prying eyes, while still allowing the light to flow in. Meanwhile a lovely old bowl and chopping board make a beautiful permanent fixture in the centre of the table. 
While the kitchen units might be clean and minimalist, open storage in the form of shelving, a trolley and hooks provide a great way to display some of your favourite pieces, for a relaxed, lived in feel. 
I have always wanted a wine fridge – there is something so decadent about them. Do you have one?

Sheepskin throws* and blankets are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere come autumn. I am also a big fan of indoor climbing plants for adding lots of greenery – especially when the leaves start to fall outside. 

Many of us have art lying around – on the floor, in drawers or storage, that are waiting to go up. Sometimes it’s the fear of creating a hole in the wall only to realise you’ve hung it in the wrong place, other times you simply haven’t found the right spot for it. 
I’m a firm believed that it’s so much better to have something on the wall than leave it blank for fear of ‘getting it wrong’. This is why I love the gallery above. There’s something wonderfully adhoc about it: pictures propped on top of other pictures, frames that are slightly askew. And it works! So let’s all challenge ourselves to hang that work of art / framed (our unframed photo) or sculpture today, just looking at it will give us a little lift as we go about our day! 

Overflowing book shelves – that’s what I like to see! Why not make a statement and pull out some of your favourite books and present them like art?
Simply hanging out some of your favourite items of clothing can be enough to brighten your mood – plus you can change it up depending on the day, week, or season. 
A marble tray in the bathroom is perfect for gathering all your bits and bobs in one place for a neater look while woven boxes and a candle add warmth to the space. Scandinavians love to light candles in the bathroom when they have guests – and you’ll often find them in restaurant and cafe toilets too! 
Finally, simple, removable towel hooks are great for hand towels – and mean you don’t need to drill through the tiles. 

I hope this home has given you a few quick and simple ways you can update your living space today! 

Did you see the cosy cottage by the sea on Monday? And also, for more budget ideas, take a peek at my budget bathroom make-over. 
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! It’s a bit gloomy here in Malmö so maybe I’ll hang out one of my bright summer dresses – just to bring a little sunshine to my bedroom! 
Photography Lina Östling
Styling Copparstad Interior
For Historiska Hem 

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