Every home tells a story. You just need to know where to look and understand the language it speaks. Each little detail, décor piece and accessory reveals a bit more about the homeowners. Sometimes it is obvious and on other occasions it is understated. But there are few things that bring a ‘personal touch’ to your home like photographs, artwork and framed prints hanging in the wall. It is these unique additions that turn a house into a cherished home. And a gorgeous gallery wall brings all these elements together with perfection and panache!

Gorgeous gallery wall combines personal photographs with cool prints [From: Town Lifestyle + Design]

Having already shared with our readers the art of creating the perfect gallery wall and the many entryway gallery wall inspirations, today we turn our gaze towards the best dining rooms with a dashing gallery wall. The dining room offers a perfect backdrop for the bespoke gallery wall. Even in the open plan living the gallery wall gives the dining space in the corner a distinct identity and style of its own. Most importantly, it brings warmth, character and a ‘bit of you’! Check out these 16 best ideas and get started –

Introducing Color and Character

The gallery wall can bring an element of personal style to the dining room. It can also be used to introduce color and pattern in contemporary dining rooms clad largely in neutral hues. You will not have to commit to long term décor choices while introducing bold new hues in this fashion. Just pick a picture frame that you love and use it for all your prints, photographs and artwork to create a common thread. Once you have this, you can either pick a common theme for the gallery wall or make one that is just eclectic or even bordering on the eccentric.

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Bright red couch and a curated gallery wall for the banquette style dining [From: Wesley-Wayne Interiors]
Brilliant pops of purple and violet enliven the small dining area [From: Cindy O’Brien Design]
Eclectic dining room with a wallpapered backdrop, simple collection of prints and banquette seating [From: Summer Thornton Design]
Transitional dining room in white with a wooden table and gallery wall [From: Hannah Gooch Interior Design]
Bright orange chairs for the midcentury dining room [From: STUDIOrobert jamieson]

Finding a Common Element

Pick a singular element or feature that binds the different elements of your gallery wall together. It could be the color of the picture frames, their shape, size or just the general style. But being clear about this one common feature makes it a whole lot easier while thinking about what needs to go up on the gallery wall. Consider the style of the dining room and the existing colors in the space before you make these choices. Slim white or black picture frames look good in modern, contemporary and transitional dining areas while wooden and metallic frames make more impact in traditional, rustic, farmhouse and industrial dining spaces.

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Fun collection of prints for the dining room gallery wall
Letting the gallery wall showcase your personality [From: Jennifer Pacca Interiors]
Mix and match artwork, prints and photos to create a unique gallery wall
Formal dining room with a smart gallery wall
Framed botanical prints for the modern dining room in white [From: Trinity Homes]

Black and White Prints and Photographs

We love the timeless appeal and class of black and white prints, photographs and posters. They look absolutely perfect in pretty much any space and leave the color scheme of the dining room undisturbed. A perfect gallery wall with black and white prints always ends up stealing the show without going over the top. You can always incorporate a few posters or photographs with a hint of color amidst it all to make it even more exciting.

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Finding the right prints for the classy gallery wall [From: David Cannon Photography / Alejandra Dunphy]
Framed movie posters for the brick walled dining room
Scandinavian style dining room in black and white [From: Moodhouse Interiör]
Exquisite dining room in black and white with cool gallery wall that uses black and white art [From: Interiors in Style]
Farmhouse dining room with a fabulous and elegant gallery wall [From: Jessica Cain]

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