2018 festival of speed: siemens reveals trio of new designs

siemens has outfitted a 1965 ford mustang with autonomous technology to accomplish a historic hillclimb to mark goodwood’s 2018 festival of speed and it’s 25-year anniversary, effectively combining classic engineering with the latest modern day technology.
siemens festival of speed
this 1965 ford mustang received a revamp with autonomous capability
images courtesy of siemens

in collaboration with cranfield university, the engineers behind this project have equipped the car with bentley system’s advanced location scanning technology. this will allow the car to be aware of it’s own position through an accurate creation of a 3-dimensional scan of the track.siemens festival of speed

juergen maier, ceo siemens uk & ireland, states that this challenge at the festival of speed will ‘bridge the gap between the legacy of the automotive industry while pointing to the future of autonomy in terms of both motoring and wider industrial applications.siemens festival of speed

also at the festival of speed, is the future lab where siemens will be showcasing the world’s first vr designed, ai engineered and 3d printed car: the ‘la bandita’ speedster. constructed by hackrod, la bandita is proof that the automobile industry is on the verge of change by presenting an entirely new way to design and produce cars through these technological methodology advances.siemens festival of speed

additionally, with the 2018 formula one and formula e seasons winding down, siemens will be showcasing the renault r.s. 2027 vision concept car in the future lab as well. this provides us with a glimpse of what the renault sport formula one team believes will be the future direction of the sport. there will be a life size model on display.siemens festival of speedsiemens festival of speedsiemens festival of speed
renault r.s. 2027 vision concept car

watch the 1965 mustang autonomously drives up the hill

watch the design and 3d printing of la bandita’ speedster

watch the concept of the renault rs 2027 

wes toshiro purpura I designboom

jul 15, 2018