With changing seasons, one of the things that we most look forward to is the arrival of new design and decorating trends. Much like the world around us, the moods and colors that vary and our own wardrobe, a new season should also usher in something unique and fresh in your household. This can be something as simple as a change in the accent colors to things much more complex and time consuming like a complete alteration of theme and style. One of the best and easiest places to start is the kitchen; a space that is the heart and soul of the modern home. And a fresh, seasonally improved kitchen offers many perks indeed!

Creative way to use yellow in the modern modular kitchen

An even better way to turn to seasonal trends is by combining them with space-savvy goodness to deliver the best of both worlds. Many kitchen trends that started in the summer of 2019 are bound to last for a while a play a big role in the choices that you make this fall. Whether you gave your kitchen a quick facelift in the summer or wish to start fresh in fall, these smart fall kitchen trends offer something for everyone. Check out the 45 awesome inspirations and the many ideas that they present –

Modular Solutions for a Flexible Kitchen

We love modular kitchens for their sheer functionality and the ease of design that they offer. But this fall, look at the aesthetic side of things as well. Modular kitchens with smart shelves, space-saving features and maximized corners also look smart with the right blend of open and closed cabinet units. A few floating shelves in the backdrop always helps and making sure that the flexible solutions fit in with the style and theme of your kitchen is an obvious choice as well. Be it a Lazy-Susan that tucks away mess, an island on wheels or modular shelving; pick an idea that works best for you.

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Freestanding modular unit can be added to any kitchen to improve its storage capacity [From: The Do South Shop]
Innovative and trendy modular kitchen Kora with a style that is urbane
Island on wheels brings modular charm to this industrial style kitchen with an overload of blue
Minimal and steamlined contemporary modular Italian kitchen design wows
Modern minimal modular kitchen from Snaidero dubbed First
Refined adaptable contemporary kitchen with an edgy twist
Simple and smart take on the space-savvy modern modular kitchen
Smart modular kitchen cabinets combine the living room and kitchen aesthetics
Create your own smart solutions inside the modular kitchen [From: Ira Lippke]

Scandinavian Style Holds Sway

Modern kitchens and Scandinavian style go hand-in-hand with ease. The innate simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian style is perfect for the contemporary kitchen where less is more. Yet, the style also has plenty of warmth about it with extensive use of wood. This also fits in perfectly with the modern trend of wood and white kitchens that are taking homes across the world by storm. You get a smart kitchen that maximizes functionality, uses space in an efficient manner, cuts out clutter and looks great in every angle. There is the added bonus of ample natural lighting coupled with the right task lights!

Finding the right color combination for your bright Scandinavian kitchen
Innovative shelving and open style coupled with cool design and gorgeous bar stools in the modern-Scandinavian kitchen
It is the bar stools that add pops of blue to this exquisite white kitchen
Rustic and Scandinavian styles rolled into one in the minimal kitchen [From: Pearson Design Group]
Scandinavian style single-wall kitchen in white [From: Fotograf Jonas Norén]
Space-savvy tiny kitchen in white with modern Scandinavian style
Stylish Scandinavian kitchen that veers more towards minimalism
Beautiful contemporary kitchen in white and gray combines Scandinavian simplicity with modernity
Delightful black pendants stand out visually when placed against the light, neutral backdrop [From: KSR Interior Design Limited]
Fabulous kitchen in Scandinavian style with plenty of white and a dash of wood

Dark, Dashing and Sophisticated

If you do not prefer the open, white and woodsy look in your kitchen, then taking an opposite approach this fall could come in handy. Homeowners and architects alike seem to want to move away from the usual this season and a kitchen with an overload of dark gray, blacks and a sophisticated urban vibe offers the escape route. This one is admittedly not for everyone. But the dark and dashing kitchen with refinement galore is one that will wow guests and take the style quotient of the open plan living up a notch or three!

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Illuminated open shelf in the island adds uniqueness to the kitchen in black
Lighting the dark kitchen right makes a big impact
Wall of shelves and cabinets makes most of the available vertical space in the kitchen
Dark shades in the kitchen along with textural beauty with smart shelving
Finding a balance between light and dark elements in the kitchen

Taps, Handles and a Some Spark!

Adding metallic to the kitchen is all too easy and you can do it in plenty of ways. Start off by replacing the old and dull taps with more sparkly modern taps that fit into the overall theme. From glittering brass to silvery chrome, there is a wide range of choice available here. Pendants above the kitchen island can also be used to usher in metallic charm while the handles for the cabinets tend to play a big role as well. When it comes to the kitchen, there is no shortage of sparkle.

From handles to kitchenware and taps, there are plenty of ways to add metallic glitter!
Gold handles in the kitchen bring style to the gray cabinets with ease
Innovative way to add metallic dazzle to the kitchen with copper sheet
It is the faucets that grab your attention here with ease [From: Yankee Custom Builders]
Lignage collection by Ramón Esteve is a showstopper indeed!
Sparkling modern kitchen with symmetry and style [From: Golden Gate Kitchens]
Use the bar stools to add metallic charm to the modern kitchen
Brilliant blend of brass, gold and copper tinges in the polished modern kitchen
Brilliant kitchen cabinets in blue with Brushed antique English brass cup pulls
Custom kitchen island in acrylic and brass for the modern white kitchen [From: Boss Design Center]

Colors of Fall

As always, adding and changing colors is one of the easiest ways to transform the kitchen as you look to incorporate a seasonal flavor. Be it something big or small, bringing in a dash of orange to the kitchen is absolutely perfect for the fall kitchen. It also ensures you have a kitchen that is ready for the fun festivities ahead. Pops of red and green are also a popular choice this season and they come in handy in winter months as well with the Holiday Season taking over.

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Fall in love with green and white in the kitchen this season and beyond
Innovative and eclectic kitchen in red, green and orange [From: Interstate Building Materials]
Pendants bring orange to the kitchen while the high and plush bar chairs add blue
Red and green kitchen ensures that you have a great time during Holiday Season
Stunning orange kitchen island steals the show in this Mediterranean style kitchen
Try out gorgeous dark green in the modern kitchen this fall!
Appliances bring orange to this kitchen in white [From: Big Chill]
Black and orange kitchen that is small and space-savvy
Bold orange backsplash for the polished contemporary kitchen
Modern kitchen with a bright island and pendants in matching hue

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