We often give our full attention to selecting curtains, but what about the way we display them? Curtain rods come in many different designs and finishes. Often an afterthought, this hardware has the potential to make a stylish statement of its own. A range of trends, such as earthy accents and gold-toned finishes, have influenced the design of curtain rods in recent years. The result: an array of interesting choices for your interior! Enjoy browsing the hardware that follows, and think about ways that you can elevate your space by giving functional items the design kudos they deserve. [Chesson curtain rod set from Wayfair]

Brass Is Back

Let’s get started with some basic curtain rod designs that prove brassy finishes are back and likely here to stay. In 2013, we at Decoist wrote about the return of brass, and 7 years later, gold-toned decor and hardware are still going strong. No wonder many of today’s most popular curtain rods have that golden gleam! Below we see Urban Outfitters’ Cappa Curtain Rod, shown in a close-up, and then on display with the brand’s Pompom Curtain. Note the satin finish and cylindrical finials:

Brass curtain rods with cylindrical caps are both classic and modern at the same time. Design bloggers seem to agree, as this is currently one of the most popular styles featured in home renovation articles/posts. Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY used brass curtain rods and hardware from Ballard Designs for her newly renovated dining room. There’s something about gold that catches the eye, and it was the perfect choice for her mint, blue and pink palette. The contrast is stunning.

The same (or a similar) style was used in the renovated master bathroom of Sugar & Cloth’s Ashley Rose and Jared Smith. The look is clean and simple, yet striking in a modern way. When it comes to choosing curtain rods for your space, consider the other hardware in the room. For example, the gold tub faucet, shelf brackets and picture frame below make gold curtain rods a natural choice for this space:

Schoolhouse’s Classic Curtain Hardware Set with Cap Finial in Satin Brass blends a luxe look with modern style. Without being busy, this curtain rod manages to include plenty of interesting details, from the sleek end caps to the beautifully designed mounting hardware.

The entire curtain rod doesn’t have to be crafted from brass to make a statement. Sometimes contrast is king! Below we see Urban Outfitters’ Mid-Century Modern Wood Curtain Rod. A natural wooden rod is punctuated by metal caps and brackets, creating a subtle juxtaposition of earthy and shiny. This curtain rod instantly channels the past in the best possible way:

Standout Styles

There are different theories on how elaborate to get with your curtain rods. Some say they should be plain and simple if you don’t want to detract from the curtains you’ve chosen. Others are quick to embrace beautiful details, especially if they enhance the look of your draperies. The next four curtain rod designs are from Anthropologie, and they are true showstoppers. Personality reigns, but as you can see from the first selection, when the curtains are this good, there’s no way the rod can overshadow them. Say hello to the Olivia Curtain Rod Set, available in 4 finishes. Scallop detailing on the mounting brackets adds to the intricacy:

Below we see the curtain rod displaying Anthropologie’s Araya Curtains. The tasseled trim and the various design motifs involved are the perfect fit for the ornate details of the rod. In other words, sometimes more is more.

These Lexington Curtain Rods are available in teal and white, while brass detailing adds intricacy without going over the top. An enameled look brings a dash of color to the realm of curtain rods, which more typically features silver, gold and black finishes.

This mango wood Twig-Etched Curtain Rod Set has a hand-carved look that would fit well in boho chic interiors, as well as eclectic spaces. Ball finials are a popular curtain rod feature, yet these end details are anything but typical:

If you love wicker, rattan and other earthy accents, you’ll appreciate the round woven finials at the ends of the Polly Curtain Rod. Rattan and iron are the materials of choice. The black of the curtain rod provides a powerful contrast:

Simple Yet Stylish

We end today’s post with a collection of curtain rods that are beautifully designed yet perfectly understated. There’s nothing flashy about them, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting details to observe. As a monochromatic alternative to the wicker ball finials above, check out this wicker ball curtain rod set from Stumbaugh, available through Wayfair. An all-white palette gives the design an understated look, but there’s plenty of texture to catch the eye.

A brass ball completes this Cherell Solid Knob Single Curtain Rod and Hardware Set, also available via Wayfair. Available in antique brass or satin nickel finishes, the set can definitely go modern, yet it’s classic enough to thrive in traditional spaces as well:

A satin nickel globe finial caps off Schoolhouse’s Classic Curtain Hardware Set. Also available in satin brass, the set offers a traditional design that can beautifully blend with a range of design styles:

We end the post with a curtain rod that showcases one of today’s most popular hardware colors: black. Greyleigh’s New Hartford Single Curtain Rod features cylindrical end caps that are as on trend as the color of the rod itself. Also available in satin nickel.

We hope today’s post has introduced you to an array of curtain rod options. Now that you know some of the most popular styles, as well as some of the most unique, it’s time to decide whether you want an understated look or a more ornamental one. There’s no right answer. Consider your design style, as well as the best way to display your curtains (which will include making sure your curtain rod is the right size). Whether you opt for something streamlined and subtle or a curtain rod that instantly gets noticed, a range of stylish options awaits you! Happy decorating!

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