andres alonso occupies ‘la inecita’ with six dwellings in cordoba, argentina

architect andres alonso architecture workshop designs six dwellings which together make up the residential project entitled ‘la inesita.’ photographed by gonzalo viramonte, the work is located within the neighborhood of villa allende city in cordoba, argentina — a city which has suffered from rapid densification. the new density of the area suggests a reduction of single-family houses, transforming the neighborhood’s suburban fabric and identity. together with this transition, a lack of urban planning calls for the introduction of urban spaces and equipment. the team at andres alonso architecture workshop comments: ‘this, to our understanding, has contributed to the loss of the small town character, excluding the encounters between neighbors and reducing public spaces to streets and sidewalks, these last ones lacking in many cases.’

andres alonso inesita
images by gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte

in siting its ‘la inesita’ dwellings, andres alonso architecture workshop organizes a sequence of high basal walls which serve as veils, hiding the space from the street. over this eight foot-tall brick base that occupies the total buildable length of the lot, the second floor materializes. this second level facade is plastered and painted in white and allows sunlight to illuminate it from behind revealing the presence of emptiness. this emptiness is contained within high walls giving to this space an atmosphere that emancipates itself from its immediate surrounding, turning the terrace into a meeting place for its inhabitants.

andres alonso inesita

andres alonso designs ‘la inesita’ with a functional outline that is simple and clear. the design team generates a pedestrian circulation along one side of the volume that allows the occupant to enter the ground floor of each apartment unit. this rout ultimately opens completely to the east where a row of private yards is arranged. vehicles are invited to enter from the opposite side of the walking area and park beneath an elevated shared space.

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project info:

project title: la inesita

architecture: andres alonso architecture workshop

location: villa allende, cordoba, argentina

completion: 2020

photography: gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte

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