arthur adamczyk envisions the ‘arcaded house’ with a geometric outer shell

polish architect arthur adamczyk imagines his ‘arcaded house’ among a vast olive plantation. designed with a simple organization, the dwelling comprises a centralized living space wrapped with an secondary shell of rhythmically zigzagging diamonds. this expressive outer perimeter defines the image of the project from the exterior and shields the house inside. the living space is enclosed by a rooftop garden, a continuation of the house’s natural and pastoral context. this central garden is elevated to overlook the distant landscape through a delicate lattice fence, and through triangular voids subtracted from the arcaded outer wall.

arcaded house arthur adamczyk

arthur adamczyk designs his arcaded house with a threshold ‘arcade’ between the dwelling and its natural landscape surroundings. here, an array of diamond-shaped elements are organized to introduce figural triangular voids. this condition recalls the traditional arcade loggias — comprising a row of columns connected by arches — abstracted into a more contemporary and minimalist expression. the arcade allows natural sunlight from every direction to flood this threshold space with a patterned shadowing. imagined with minimal decorative elements, the stark white shell with its interior garden stands as a celebration of simple geometries and an embrace of the tall grasses and olive trees.

arcaded house arthur adamczykarcaded house arthur adamczyk arcaded house arthur adamczykarcaded house arthur adamczyk

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