There are few decorating trends that are here to stay forever and those that seem to come back into the spotlight in a cyclic manner. Plate racks definitely fall into the latter category with these lovely additions being a popular choice in kitchens across the globe in the 80’s. With the advent of the 90’s the plate rack slowly disappeared and was replaced by polished closed cabinets. But the last few years have seen a comeback of sorts from these smart organizing racks that make your life a whole lot easier. Beyond their functional value, they are also great aesthetic additions that never seem to go out of fashion.

Unique shelves and plate rack in the contemporary kitchen bring a touch of midcentury charm [From: Johnny Grey Studios]

The plate rack in the modern kitchen can be placed pretty much anywhere and as you will discover below, there is barely any style constraint when using one. Plate racks seamlessly fit into most kitchens (or even dining rooms) with ease and they feel like a natural extension shelves already in your home. Rediscovering this classic and reinterpreting it in the modern world is a task that is both fun and useful. With that in mind, this is a look at the 25 most beautiful plate rack inspirations that we have come across –

For those who Love Modernity

Plate racks are no longer dated additions to the kitchen. Slim, stylish and elegant plate racks that link two wall-mounted cabinets above the kitchen counter are a great way to bring symmetry to the kitchen. Clad in white and other neutral hues, these plate racks blend in with the backdrop and a simple paint job can also link them visually with the cabinets and shelves around them. You can even extend the plate rack into a dish rack that holds much more than just plates.

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Light filled transitional kitchen with low ceiling and wooden cabinets [From: LiLu Interiors]
Make sure that the style and design of the plate rack matches that of the shelving next to it [From: Little Red House]
Modern farmhouse kitchen with brilliant splashes of blue [From: Mylands]
Modern kitchens with traditional overtones are great places to bring in the classic plate rack [From: Windover Construction]
Plate rack along with shelves in the corner is the perfect place to tuck away the less frequently used china [From: Lisa Gabrielson Design]
Plate rack assumes a space of prominence inside this kitchen [From: Venegas and Company]
Polished traditional kitchen with cool shelving [From: elephant kitchens / Elad Gonen]
Farmhouse style kitchen with modern aesthetics and smart shelving [From: Neptune by Global Village]

Rustic and Farmhouse Kitchens

Few rooms seem as apt as backdrop for the plate rack as rustic and farmhouse kitchens. Wooden plate racks surrounded by shelves and cabinets in similar wood tones feel organic in such a setting. You can move the plate rack around and try it out in different areas before settling on the final look. These plate racks can also easily be a part of the midcentury kitchen and all you have to do is alter the space around the rack to tweak the style of the kitchen ever so slightly. From modern farmhouse kitchens to ergonomic rustic kitchens, plate racks complete your dream kitchen irrespective of its style and theme.

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Fabulous rustic kitchen feels cozy and timeless! [From: Peace Design / Gibeon Photography]
Farmhouse kitchen with a touch of vintage
Finding space for the plate rack in your kitchen shelving unit [From: Michelle Fries, BeDe Design]
French farmhouse kitchen with a gorgeous plate rack at the heart of its shelving [From: Thomas & Thomas]
Get innovative with your plate rack design
Spacious, double height dining room with rustic style and a plate rack
Traditional kitchen with brick wall backdrop and extensive shelving
Expand the slim plate rack into an useful dish rack

Finding the Right Solution

The plate rack need not sit necessarily next to the wall-mounted cabinets above the kitchen counter. It can be placed in the corner to save space, be integrated with the kitchen island or the space under the kitchen counter and you can also have a standalone plate rack that is cost-effective and demands absolutely no renovations. Adding a plate rack to your existing kitchen is all about finding space and balancing it with practicality. Some of us love the deep-slotted plate rack because it keeps away dust effectively while others prefer a more open design that serves as a lovely display for your cherished chinaware – to each his own!

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Custom standalone unit with shelves, cabinets and a plate rack [From: Culshaw Kitchens]
Incorporate a plate rack that meets the exact needs of your kitchen [From: Baker & Baker Bespoke Kitchens & Furniture]
Plate rack acts as a lovely aesthetic addition in this modern retro kitchen [From: Hammer & Hand]
Scandinavian style kitchen in black and white with a plate rack in the corner
Simple and cost-effective standalone plate rack idea [From: Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist]
Simple and functional plate rack idea
Small plate rack fits perfectly into the scale of this Victorian kitchen [From: Siemasko + Verbridge]
Combine the plate rack with the kitchen island fluidly

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