There is an advantage in simplicity and a life that takes us back to our roots also helps in creating a more relaxing and healthy lifestyle. Designed by Michiel De Backer + Jakub Senkowski + Martin Mikovčák, the Ark Shelter in Belgium is one such beautiful retreat that ensures that those inside are always connected with nature at all times. The small wooden cabin has an interior of just 27-square-meter and a mobile design that ensures the cabin itself makes very little impact on the lot that it sits on. With a dark exterior that is protected from UV light and an interior that is clad in light wooden tones, the retreat aims to blend into any backdrop around it. Minimal, modern and yet nature-centric, the cabin design is uncomplicated and elegant.

Mobile design of the Ark Shelter gives it a small eco-footprint

Features like rainwater collecting system and solar panels allow the cabin to be placed off-grid and almost at any location while custom décor in wood creates a sense of harmony within the home. Despite offering modern functionality, technology has been kept firmly away from the cabin and with a tiny sleeping area on one side and bathroom on the other, every inch of space has been fully utilized in here. A small living area with fireplace and tiny kitchen complete the beautiful cabin. [Photography: Thomas Debruyne]

Interior in light wood tones gives the cabin a relaxing and modern minimal appeal
Minimalistic design of ARK with a soft wood interior and ample natural light
Small and space-savvy interior of the ARK shelter in wood that is used to shape the cabin interior
Bedroom of the cabin in light wood tones offers seamless connectivity with the outdoors
Cabin interior has a lovely indoor-outdoor interplay along with a minimal design

Oak wood is used on the horizontal surfaces, since it is waterproof, like the floor, terraces, kitchen and furniture is also produced from the same oak. The vertical parts and the ceiling are made of pine tree bio plates which are painted with white oil with UV protection to keep them light. This contrast between the light vertical and the dark horizontal parts is playing the main role inside of our shelter.

Exterior of the cabin is painted black and covered in UV-protective coating while the interior uses lighter wood
Picture-perfect window connects the bedroom with the landscape outside
Small and creative cabin with smart design that keeps it eco-friendly
Design plan of Ark Shelter in Belgium with eco-friendly and space-savvy design

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