Moving a world-class restaurant into a new home is a choice that comes with many considerations and even more architectural demands. Turning a typical and spacious home in the posh Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City into this setting for Pujol, JSa created a world where vernacular design, authentic Mexican food with contemporary twist and a serene ambiance combine in an effortless manner. It is a fusion of modernity and classic Mexican elements and the large and elegant new interior surrounded by greenery reflects this perfectly.

Stunning new home of Pujol in Polanco, Mexico City

Different spaces inside the structure have been altered in various manners to delineate areas, link one with another and to provide space for everything ranging from the sweeping dining section and a private side room to the staff zones and work areas which see plenty of traffic. The change in atmosphere borrows from authentic Mexican elements while ushering in a lovely indoor-outdoor interplay, sweeping wooden surfaces and ceilings and lighting that adds to the aura of the place without feeling overwhelming. [Photography: Luis Gallardo, Rafael Gamo]

Lighting and greenery give the interior a curated appeal
Look inside one of Mexico’s best restaurants
Private side room at Pujol
Taste amazing Mexican cuisine at its tasty best set within a modern ambiance at Pujol
Wooden seating along with the new ceiling creates an intimate setting
Interior with varying height and a neutral backdrop creates a lovely setting

The guiding concept was to articulate a series of different spaces in a journey through different conditions of light, scale, privacy, visual and spatial integration and interior-exterior interaction. We found opportunities in the pre-existences, adapted them and integrated them by enlarging light inputs, eliminating physical barriers that isolated spaces from each other, and removing false ceilings to reinforce the horizontal character of the project…

Look at the unassuming and elegant home of Pujol
Street facade of Pujol
View of the restaurant from outside
Entry to the new Pujol restaurant in Polanco
Large sliding glass doors and walls connect the restaurant with the outdoors

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