Lighting is a big part of defining the overall appeal of your home. A careful blend of accent, ambient and natural lighting complete each room and plays the most essential role in shaping its mood and style. The ceiling lamp is much more than just a source of light. It is also a standalone decorative piece that needs to improve the aesthetics of the room even when not in use. With slim and minimal pendants taking over the world, the last decade and a half has seen the gorgeous chandelier increasingly take a back seat. But revival of vintage, retro and industrial decorating styles has once again cast the limelight on this timeless delight.

Gorgeous black chandelier steals the show in this contemporary bedroom [From: Edwin Pepper Interiors / Alise O’Brien Photography]

Yes, the brilliant crystal chandelier and the dramatic cascading chandelier look simply stunning when used right. But even more striking, unique and exquisite is the chandelier in black! Black chandeliers are a rarity and most of us tend to either pick their white, transparent cousins or even colorful counterparts. But a black chandelier can anchor them room, define it and give it a sense of sophistication without trying too hard. It also works with a variety of styles and does so with complete ease.

Black and White Interiors

This is probably the easiest way to work the black chandelier into the overall color scheme of the room. The black chandelier in an already black and white seems completely at home even while giving the space a refined, modern appeal. For those who love a more ‘Victorian’ decorating style, the crystal chandelier in black is the way forward. With chandeliers making their way into bathrooms and kitchens as well, the beautiful black chandelier finds place in every room.

Falling in love with black and love bedroom again!
Mediterranean sunroom in white with a black chandelier
Black and white contemporary entry with a giant mirror
Black and white modern bathroom with a bathtub and chandelier in black [From: Ames Group Chicago]

Combing Color with Vivid Lighting

Not a fan of the black and white look? Do not worry too much as you can still work with the black chandelier in a modern living room or kitchen filled with bright colors. The dark chandelier in the vivacious room anchors the setting and acts more as a neutral addition rather than a dramatic centerpiece. You should still try and keep the backdrop as neutral as possible and layer the room with additional color. This gives the chandelier an opportunity to stand out visually; even if it is ever so slightly.

Using black chandelier as bedside lighting and bathroom lighting fixture [From: Tracy Murdock Interior Design]
Vivacious tropical dining room full of color
Brick wall dining room with wooden table and black chandelier
Creative red, blue and white dining room with a dark chandelier [From: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]

Black Chandelier in the Dining

Chandelier need not always be classic and full of crystalline wonder! Modern, multi-arm and flexible chandeliers in black and increasingly becoming a popular choice in both the kitchen and dining room. In the double-height dining room, this large chandelier makes a big visual impact while filling the space above. In a dining room with low roof and plenty of floor space, try out the twin chandelier approach to illuminate the room evenly.

Modern suspension light with multiple arms for the double height dining room
Transitional dining room with twin black chandeliers [From: J. Hirsch Interior Design]
Elegant use of slim, black chandelier in the modern dining room
Exquisite use of eclectic design in the dining room with a dashing black chandelier [From: Chris Snook]

Discover Style and Symmetry

You would think that the modern kitchen is not really a place that is conducive to the use of black chandelier. But you will be surprised at how good this elegant chandelier seems in an all-white contemporary kitchen with a smart island. If you wish to combine the kitchen and dining room in an open plan living, then repeating the chandelier also gives the interior a more curated ambiance.

Modern rustic kitchen with twin chandeliers and islands [From: Edmunds Studios Photography]
Ingenious use of black chandelier in the kitchen in white [From: Mowlem & Co]

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