Tiny homes offer the perfect living solution for those who cannot afford to spend a fortune on a lavish, brand new house. It not brings alive the dream of owning a house on a budget, but also saves space and conserves resources. This tiny backyard house designed by Abodu in collaboration with Koto is one such amazing delight that takes no more than just 2 weeks to build and can be installed pretty much on any site with ease. The house does not burn a hole in your pocket, leaves the landscape it sits on largely untouched and ensures that you have an efficient house or even a beautiful second home, backyard guest space or even holiday home that is modern and functional.

Backyard tiny house in wood offers smart living solutions in limited space

The cabin has been built suing very high environmental standards and everything from permissions to building and installation is taken care of with ease. On the outside, it is naturally-stained cedar that shapes the cabins with standing seam metal roof providing visual contrast. Inside the cabin it is a world of white and wood that takes over everywhere. A living room that is much more spacious than it really is welcomes you thanks to the vaulted ceiling even as the kitchen and small corner dining area sit next to it. Black and white in the kitchen and ample natural light complete these tiny homes where you can customize details to suit your specific needs. [Photography: Joe Fletcher]

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White and wood tiny living room design
Spacious and simple living room inside the modern tiny house
Creative little breakfast nook and dining area in the corner of the tiny house
Light-filled and white bedroom with vaulted ceiling
Look at the gorgeous and stylish kitchen in black and white inside the tiny house

With our partners at Koto, we’ve spent thousands of hours considering and detailing every inch of your Abodu to make sure it’s the perfect backyard home- that can be customized to your liking. We pair the latest technology with the industry’s best craftspeople to build backyard homes in our factory to the highest environmental standards.

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Smart and space-savvy bedroom wardrobe makes most of available space
Simple and elegant tiny house design that saves space and budget
Standing seam metal roof and wood tiny house in the backyard
Fabulous tiny home designed by Koto and Abodu
Naturally-stained cedar siding shapes the exterior of the house

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