You might not always pay much attention towards redoing the bedroom or even when you are planning for a new one in your home. But it is important that the nursery you create for your little one is smart in its design, gets the basic things right and is safe for both the kid and the mother. It needs to be a room with the right temperature and ventilation. There are plenty of things beyond just aesthetics that you need to consider before choosing the right look for the nursery. But once you have those things sorted, it does not hurt to get the visual aspect of things spot on as well!

Smart rug in shades of purple, violet and yellow with hexagonal pattern for the kids’ room [From: Carmen Parker Styling]

Despite your little one being far too young to notice, you will be surprised to know that science tells us that using the right colors in the nursery plays a major role in their development. Keep the nursery far too dull and they are bound to get bored quickly while using too much of bright color in the nursery can over-stimulate their brains and leave them restless. A balance between both these elements is the key inside the nursery and that is what we get as we take a look at the top trends shaping nurseries this season –

Serenity is the Chosen Mantra

We always prefer a nursery that has a neutral backdrop and presents a picture of serenity. This allows you to add colors easily to the blank canvas and with a dash of gray and wooden accents you can turn the space into a classy setting that also serves as guestroom. Using light pastels is a trend in every room of the house and this is something that works beautifully in the nursery as well irrespective of whether it is for a baby boy or girl. Keep things uncomplicated and clutter-free for the best look.

Contemporary nursery of New York home with a unique star-filled backdrop [From: Chango & Co.]
Indoor plants bring freshness to the nursery in white
Sense of serenity in design is an idea you can embrace in the nursery as well [From: Classica Homes]
Blocks of pastel pink and blue make a big difference to the backdrop of this modern nursery
Combining a hint of color with a serene backdrop in the modern nursery [From: Studio Palomino]

Wallpaper with Animal Prints

A popular choice these days in the kids’ room as well as in the adult bedrooms is the wallpaper with natural and animal prints. This is an idea that comes alive even more in the nursery where the wallpaper in animal prints allows you to create a beautiful accent wall with ease. Color here is optional and you can choose between either a wallpaper that is bright and brilliant or one that comes in neutral hues even as it carries gorgeous animal prints.

Gorgeous wallpaper in green with pattern that adds cheer to the lovely nursery [From: NJL Custom Homes]
Wallpaper brings a hint of tropical charm to the modern nursery with ample natural light [From: James Robinson Photography]
A popular wallpaper choice with bird print for the smart modern nursery [From: Regan Baker Design]
Colorful wallpaper in dark blue with animal motifs for the dashing nursery in Paris home [From: Catherine Zarrabian]
Finding the right nature-centric wallpaper for the nursery in white

Use the Rug for Color and Comfort

Adding bright pops of color to the neutral nursery does not have to be an expensive affair. You can use a variety of ways to get this done, but the most popular one among them all this season is the colorful area rug. The smart rug can bring in both color and pattern with ease and you will not have to splurge a fortune on this little makeover idea. The moment you feel the rug is overstaying its welcome, just move it out for a trendier option.

Fun rug brings pattern and color to the stylish kids’ nursery
Patchwork style floor replaces the classic rug in this gorgeous girls’ nursery [From: Blu Sky Living]
Use colors in the rug that accentuate the colors already used in the nursery
Brilliant multi-colored rug for the modern nursery with walls in gray [From: YDC design]

Chic and Feminine

Even in the boys’ nursery, do not hesitate to use colors that are a touch feminine and style that veers more towards softer shades and flowery overtones. Of course, this is a style that looks much better in the girls’ nursery and combining whites and light grays with pastel pinks and gentle blues is the perfect way to complete these elegant spaces. Soft fabrics and indoor plants can complete this delightful space.

Flowers, pastel pink and whole lot of white are perfect for the modern girls’ nursery
Get creative with the bed frame and other decor in the neutral nursery in white and wood [From: CSR Gyprock]
Stylish shabby chic girls’ nursery with Scandinavian style and ample natural light [From: Asanti Homes]
A balance between feminine appeal and modernity in the stylish nursery
Fabulous shabby chic nursery with pastel pink touches and lovely natural lighting [From: Curated Nest]

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