globe recreates iconic charles and ray eames lounge chairs as wooden skateboards

Globe’s skateboards pay homage to charles and ray eames

A homage takes on varying forms. In Globe’s case, the brand transforms its series of skateboards into the faithful production of the iconic Eames Office Lounge Chairs and Ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames. From the walnut, black oak, ash, and maple wood materials of the lounge chairs and ottoman to the way the colors of the board transition, Globe’s skateboards manage to pull off making every component of their portable ride honor Charles and Ray Eames’ furniture legacy and design.

The limited-edition boards comprise a 30-inch cruiser made of white ash wood, a 32-inch cruiser crafted from walnut timber, and a 38-inch longboard carved from black oak. What Globe wants for its skateboards is to honor the Eames’ pioneering spirit and encapsulate the synergy of what it calls one of the most iconic furniture designs of the 20th century. With the entrance of its Eames Office Lounge Collection skateboards, viewers may think that they naturally come with the iconic Charles and Ray Eames Lounge Chairs or vice versa with the way the reproduction captures the visual elements of the furniture.

charles ray eames lounge chairs ottoman globe skateboards
Eames Lounge 38-inch Longboard | images by Globe Brand

Eames office lounge chairs and ottoman transformed

The collaboration between Globe and the Eames Office hopes to fuse furniture design with skateboarding and infuse it with the work of Charles and Ray Eames’ Office. The meticulous manufacturing of Eames Office emerges in Globe’s skateboards, as seen in the paint dip and laser-etch finish details on the wood veneer of the skateboards to match the iconic Lounge Chairs and Ottoman.

Small details remind the users of the collaboration too, such as the custom-embedded metal Eames Office + Globe badges and Eames logo deck bolts around the skateboards alongside black rubberized grip, flat edges, and truck mount edges to mimic the Charles and Ray Eames’ furniture. When the users flip their skateboards, they can find the laser-carved logo of Eames Office on the surface of the board.

On top of the three skateboards inspired by Charles and Ray Eames Lounge Chairs and Ottoman, Globe also unveils the new limited-edition boxed set featuring the abstract image of the development of La Chaise, which was created for MoMA’s 1948 Low-Cost Furniture Competition. The set includes 5 decks that are easy to mount, and when the user puts them up on the wall, the five boards patch up the abstract image of La Chaise. The one-off edition is limited to 100 units globally, with the bulk available at the MoMA Design Store.

charles ray eames office lounge chairs ottoman globe skateboards
Eames Lounge 32-inch Cruiser with the iconic Eames Office Walnut Lounge Chair

a 20th-century design marvel

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is considered a 20th-century design marvel produced with innovative wood molding technology. It is often seen as a modern take on the 19th-century English club chair, and its precise crafting with molded plywood parts, assembled with premium veneers, helps create its distinctive form. Its cushions are reversible and removable, and the Lounge Chair and Ottoman and their easily replaceable parts may also be passed down by generations as cherished heirlooms, standing the test of time.

Now that Globe’s skateboards have entered the Charles and Ray Eames sphere for the second time, bringing back the recognizable furniture design as portable rides made of refined types of wood may reintroduce Eames Office’s Lounge Chairs and Ottoman to the present generation and modern skateboarding enthusiasts. All of Globe’s skateboards in this series come in a heavyweight canvas board bag that folds down into a carry-all tote. As of publishing the story, the Eames Lounge 32-inch cruiser in walnut is already sold out, but the others, including the Eames La Chaise Box Set, are still available for purchase.

charles ray eames office lounge chairs ottoman globe skateboards
Eames Lounge 30-inch Cruiser in Ash Wood and White

charles ray eames office lounge chairs ottoman globe skateboards
Eames La Chaise Set of five boards

charles ray eames office lounge chairs ottoman globe skateboards
Eames Lounge 32-inch Cruiser

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