Yes, we are still navigating through the best of fall and the many beautiful colors outside along with festive joy in the air means we are not focusing on winter just yet. But within no time the colors of fall will give way to the chill of winter and the world around is bound to get whiter and colder. Just like a change in colors outside and your own wardrobe, you will also be looking for ways in which you can add something unique to your home. Every winter brings with it a whole new set of popular styles and decorating trends and 2020 is no different (despite all the horrors that it brought to different corners of the world). Today, we start our winter trends special with the hottest styles making a splash in living rooms.

Innovative blend of modernity and cottage style inside the chic farmhouse style living space [From: PTC Kitchens]

Finding the right style for the living room as winter rolls in is all about balancing hot trends with perennial favorites that resurface this time of the year every single time. Some combine very well with modern livings space and require very few tweaks while others demand a more drastic change in style. From the elegance of Scandinavian interiors to the coziness of rustic style, this is a look at the three best styles of the season. And all the three along with the inspirations below are perfect for small living spaces.

Scandinavian Simplicity

If there is one style that seems to transcend both seasonal trends and ever-changing styles, then it is undoubtedly Scandinavian. In the last two decades, Scandinavian style has made a comeback of sorts and polished modern aesthetics have allowed homeowners to easily integrate it with their existing home. Best Scandinavian living rooms in modest size seem much larger than they really area because they embrace a neutral backdrop, are filled with ample natural light and generally do not fragment space visually. Pastels, grays and a whole lot of white is what you need in here.

Brilliant blend of Japanese and Scandinavian styles in the small living room with pink accent wall [From: Benjamin Moore]
Dark sectional perfectly fits into the living room corner with ease
Exquisite blend of pastel hues inside the small living room with Scandinavian style [From: Tatiana Nikitina Photography]
Modern Scandinavian style living room of the apartment in Stockholm [From: myhome]
Smart SoHo style combined with Scandinavian touches in the small living room [From: Alair Homes Forest Hill]

Cabin-Inspired Rustic Style

There is one style this time of the year that always makes its presence felt in some way or the other and that is the wood cabin-inspired rustic style. This is all about woodsy charm, textural beauty and a blend of the old with the new. If you have a living space that already has exposed ceiling beams or brick wall sections, then the task becomes much easier. Fabulous chandeliers, sconce lights and large windows with dark frames add to the style while décor with distressed finish is just perfect in here. Add plush leather sofas and finish the room with colorful area rugs.

Finding space in the small rustic living room with smart arrangement of décor [From: Simon Bray Interiors]
Small cabin-style rustic bedroom in white and wood with cozy decor additions
White and gray modern rustic living room is stylish and space-savvy [From: Unique Homestays]
Wooden beams and skylight add to the appeal of this small rustic style living room

Farmhouse with a Modern Touch

Farmhouse style is not much different from rustic in a more modern context and combining the style with contemporary features ensures that you have a balanced and cozy living space. In the large modern-farmhouse living room a lovely fireplace is often focal point of it all. Curtains in plaid, wooden finishes, textured accessories and smart decorative pieces with chevron or herringbone pattern are all features in here that make an impact.

Decorating the living room with white and light blue all around [From: Chester Builders]
Exposed brick wall section adds to the unique appeal of this modern farmhouse style living space [From: Nick Linnett Photography]
Exposed wooden ceiling beams bring textural contrast to this small farmhouse style living room
Gorgeous modern farmhouse white and wood living space [From: Frank Good Builders]
Lovely brick fireplace is the perfect focal point for this small farmhouse style living space [From: Bria Hammel Interiors]

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