Sitting on top of an old building in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Small Attic in Gràcia was designed by NORA studio finds new life as a gorgeous and unique apartment that is unlike anything else. The apartment was previously a water deposit and then a penthouse that was forgotten and found in a poor state. Architects from NORA Studio not only gave the space a new lease of life, but also transformed the entire interior in a ‘conversation pit’ of sorts – a space that sits on a lower level compared to the equally spacious terrace that is next to it. While we normally see many homes where the deck, patio or terrace are a couple of steps below the living area in gradient, this apartment takes the exactly opposite approach!

Terrace on a higher level turns the entire small apartment into a sunken lounge of sorts!

One would have to climb a couple of steps at the end of the living are to access the terrace that holds a large pergola, outdoor dining area and kitchen. The pergola does more than just offer shade as the living room is extended outside thanks to this sheltered area. Also, the pergola provides privacy for those inside and turns the terrace into a relaxing setting for the homeowners. The living area is one large room with a single-wall kitchen on one side and a floating bed on the other side. A small shelf on the end acts as the closet while there is plenty of storage space under the bed itself.

Gorgeous single-wall kitchen with brick wall backdrop inside the small attic apartment
Old unused penthouse on top of Barcelona building turned into a space-savvy modern apartment
Multi-tasking interior with brick walls and wooden ceiling
Custom shelves, floating bed and other cabinets create a space-savvy apartment interior
Bathroom and shower area are separated from rest of the apartment interior

Large brick walls that have been exposed and preserved along with wooden ceiling beams give the interior ample textural contrast. Folding glass doors open the living space towards the terrace even as the ‘sunken lounge style’ of the living area leaves you impressed! [Photography: Del Rio Bani]

Bench style seating connects the living area with the terrace outside
Outdoor kitchen and dining area extend the apartment into the terrace
Pergola structure offers shade to the apartment even while extending the living area
Smart modern apartment in Barcelona where the terrace is as spacious as the home itself
Floor plan of Small Apartment in Gracia
Design plan of revamped penthouse apartment in Barcelona

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