There are few occasions when you feel like packing your bags and taking the next flight to a destination as soon as you see the image of an amazing getaway. The Bamboo House in Bali is one such amazing setting that is eco-friendly, sustainable and ensures that you get the best possible views of the river next to it and the jungle beyond. This is well and truly a remarkable escape that was planned in 2014 and brought to life gradually over the year. The best part about it is undoubtedly the use of bamboo as the sole construction material; making the structure ever greener!

Stunning bamboo structure Hideout Bali connects you with nature once again

Designed by Jarmil Lhoták + Alena Fibichová, the Hideoutmoves away from low-quality building materials and uses exclusive bamboo of high standard derived from local mountains in Karangasem. This special, locally sourced bamboo has low-sugar content and high strength, making it perfect for construction of eco-friendly buildings. The Hideout stands tall and towers above the normal jungle landscape and acts as a perch that offers bird’s eyeview of the scenery outside.

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Light finds its way inside the bedroom of the Hideout
Triangular windows bring light into the bamboo Hideout
All-bamboo interior and design of the Hideout
Amazing view of Bali jungles from the mesmerizing bamboo hut

Bali already has some outstanding getaways, but few compare to the sheer natural beuaty of this hideout and everything that it offers in terms of serenity. There is an outside shower in the garden here and a bedroom on the top level with triangular windows comes as a result of the vernacular A-shaped roof used for the design. A perfect escape surrounded by breathtaking scenery! [Photography: Sasha Juliard, Valentino Luis, Jordan Hammond, Emily Hutchinson, Reis Junk]

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Eco-friendly bamboo house on the edge of jungles of Bali
Extraordinary views of the Bali jungle from the bedroom of the hideout
Look inside the construction process of the bamboo house
Sketch of the bamboo house on the edge of the jungle

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