The Manor House in Hampshire is a world in itself. With an imposing structure, curated gardens all around it and an interior that combines old world English charm with modern chic and country styles, this impressive residence feels comfortable and breathtaking at the same time! A Thorp Design creation, the new interior of this seemingly regal house is all about blending the old and the new in a balanced and refreshingly innovative fashion. The result is impressive in the way it makes an otherwise overwhelmingly lavish setting seem cozy and even ‘private’.

Exterior of the lavish Manor House in Hampshire

Apart from the obvious façade of the house, the first feature one notices here is the gorgeous crafted entrance and the smart gardens that surround the structure. A modern pool and tennis court sit next to one another and a series of tall trees on the outside provide privacy in natural manner. On the inside, white is the color of choice in different rooms with natural light flooding in to add to the brightness and sense of freshness.

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Classic English charm combined with modernity inside the Manor House
Country chic style shapes the rooms inside the Manor House
Curated new interior of the Manor House
Pool table and comfy leather chair in the game room
Woodsy traditional kitchen filled with natural light

Décor in the living area, dining room and the game room is much more classic in its appeal with curtains that add flowery pattern and plenty of color energizing the spaces. One can see a lovely transition of styles here even as the modern woodsy kitchen becomes the new heart and soul of this timeless residence.

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Expansive garden of the Manor House
Little details make the new interior such a hit
Tennis court and swimming pool are a part of the expansive gardens around the Manor House
Traditional staircase connecting different levels of the house
A perfect entrance for the amazing Hampshire home
Aspects of the old house are enhanced for a nostalgic presence

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