Who among us would not want to escape the constant rush of city life and get away from it all for a while? Nestled on the edge of a beautiful forest and natural reserve in Voorschoten, Netherlands, this modern Forest Villa presents a perfect opportunity to do so in a spectacular and serene fashion. Designed by Architect eigen huis and sitting on the edge of castle Duivenvoorde, the gorgeous house is draped entirely in modified wood and offers an escape that is both luxurious and relaxing. Life here comes to a screeching halt as the sights and sounds of the lush green forest next to it takeover.

Beautiful and modern Forest Villa built using wood

The transition between the interior and the exterior further facilitates this nature-centric lifestyle with a shaded porch that the homeowners can enjoy both at dawn and dusk. With a pergola structure that consists of mobile slats, ventilation on the porch can be controlled easily. On the inside, it is the kitchen that becomes the new social zone with a dark, expansive central island and a breakfast bench next to it at its heart. Large floor-to-ceiling glass windows bring the outdoors inside further while the bedrooms are hidden away from public view. [Photography: Martijn Heil / De Architectuurguide]

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Pergola with mobile slats can keep away rain when required
View of the simple shaded porch of the Forest Villa
Forest Villa Voorschoten by Architect eigen huis
Large floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer panoramic views of the forest from the kitchen
Long kitchen island in black with a cool wooden breakfast nook and dining zone next to it

The living room is west-orientated and has a pleasant size. A minimalistic sliding door, which is divided into three sections, can be opened automatically. By doing this the living room seamlessly transcends into the outdoor terrace. A large sunscreen is integrated in the detailing to provide the necessary shade in summertime.

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Efficient and modern kitchen of the house connected to the forest outside
Modified wooden slats used as railing for staircase inside the house
Upper level of the Forest Villa with skylights that bring in natural light
Floor plan of Forest Villa Voorschoten

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