Dreaming of a reclusive and rejuvenating paradise that is an absolute treat for nature lovers and those desperate to get away from the mundane rush of urban life? Norway definitely offers many such havens that take you away from the world to which you are accustomed and seemingly transport you back in time! While Norwegian fjords are famous across the globe, we have another delight from the country that offers an equally enchanting and idyllic escape to a select few. Skåpet Mountain Lodges in Soddatjørn designed by KOKO architects combine contemporary design, inviting warmth, spectacular views and a self-catering environment in a seamless fashion.

Rolled zinc provides durable and dramatic exterior surface for the cabins

The exterior of these mountain lodges is crafted from rolled zinc, with timber making its presence felt. This metallic exterior gives these awesome cabins an ability to withstand the harsh weather of the region and tolerate windy conditions while providing a durable, low-maintenance structure. On the inside, it is wood that holds sway, with glass also becoming a part of the modern narrative and design. Offering unabated views of Soddatjørn Mountain Lake, the main structure of the cabins can hold nearly 30 guests, with additional units hosting five.

Rolled zinc and wood shape the exterior of the cabins

Self-catering mountain lodges in Norway

Living area of the main unit of Skapet Mountain lodges

Bunk beds create perfect and multiple sleeping stations inside the mountain cabin

These factory-built and easy-to-install cabins were designed keeping in mind the remote location and the unique demands it places on construction time and costs. The lake next to the cabins supplies guests with water, while solar energy powers lighting fixtures. Wood is used for both heating water and for the sauna, with guests (mostly part of Norway’s trekking associations) experiencing a holiday of a lifetime while learning to share and care at this amazing escape. [Photography: Tonu Tunnel, Marius Dalseg]

View of the lake from the sleeping quarters of the cabin

Shower area and spa of the self-catering mountain lodge

Wood shapes the interior the exquisite, contemporary mountain lodges

Skåpet Mountain Lodges in Soddatjørn by KOKO architects

The system is built on trust: each person leaves money for the accommodation in a box inside the lodge or fills in an invoice form with their personal information. It is also the task of the visitors to take care of the visitors coming after them: everyone replenishes the food supply, brings firewood and cleans the lodge before they leave.

Water supply from the lake sustains those inside the cabins along with solar energy

Awesome self-catering mountain lodges in Norway are nature lovers' dream!

Amazing landscape surrounds the mesmerizing mountain lodges

Beautiful mountain lodges with one mail unit and additional sleeping units can house nearly 35 members

Building plan of Skåpet Mountain Lodges in Soddatjørn in Norway

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